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I was so much disappointed as well as disenchanted when I heard the Chief of Army Staff, Lt General TukurBuratai on Monday evening saying that the army did not declare IPOB a terrorist group but that the army simply made a pronouncement to that effect. I am yet to understand the difference between the two statements. There is no difference at all as long as I am concerned because whichever one Buratai upholds means that he has ordered the military to shoot at sight IPOB members. But why is he denying his statement when everybody understood him in the same context and has clearly condemned the army for making such an unconstitutional declaration on a peaceful people? I would rather concede to the excuse that he is trying to shamefully retract his obnoxious and unguarded speech.

How can a man who is the Head of the military speak from both sides of his mouth, where is his professionalism, where is his integrity and where is the discipline which is the core value of the military? This man is very common indeed and is supposed to be posted to one of the police stations in the rural market where he would have enough time to gossip with the market women. As a person I do not remember how many times the Head of British army or the American army has issued press statements, even in our African setting I do not know of any military Chief that issues press statements more than the Nigerian Buratai. It is only in Nigeria that 2 women will be fighting in the market and Buratai will issue a statement, when a little boy steals plantain as a result of hunger caused by Buhari, you will see Buratai deploying his soldiers but tell him that Boko Haram is killing people in Bornu State he will run away. It is when it gets to killing innocent, armless and harmless civilians you will see Buratai and his dogs begin their python dance.

On Monday, the 18th of September, 2017 in a small village in Maiduguri, Boko Haram killed 15 innocent civilians and the army was nowhere to be found, yet Buratai deployed thousands of soldiers to South East that is more than peaceful, to terrorise innocent and peaceful people, killing and intimidating them for no just cause.

Dear reader, I would like you to take a little trip to the South East area of that contraption called Nigeria you will see a lot of soldiers littered here and there on the roads exploiting motorists of N100.00, N200.00 and any driver who refuses to pay is already a dead man; at every checkpoint where it appears that the soldiers are collecting money, just wait for a second and look carefully, you will see that the soldiers are using one young boy, a civilian to be collecting for them. Hahahaahaa! What a very big shame! A big shame indeed.

I thought that the army is one of the things that countries boast of but in Nigeria, they are just an eyesore and very strong object of ridicule and laughter. It is so funny that in the South East where there are peace and harmony, you have thousands of soldiers deployed while in the North where there is heavy and serious crisis few soldiers are deployed and even the few Christian soldiers that been deployed are constantly betrayed to the Boko Haram terrorists for destruction.

Buhari and the Fulanis are not fighting Boko Haram and have no intention to do so rather they use the insurgency as a ploy to be soliciting for weapons and funds from the US and other western powers in other to foster their jihadist advancement to the South East. These weapons are simply used to kill the Christians and the entire Biafrans.

This is quite unbelievable and incredible how such a sensitive position as the Chief of army staff could be left in the hands of poorly educated men like Buratai just because he is a Fulani man while better and highly qualified officers are either forcefully retired or relegated to the background.

 I have no doubt that the emergence of Buratai as the head of the military is not because he merits it but because he is simply a Fulani man. I am not surprised at all because that is what we are seeing in this contraption called Nigeria. If you go through the military records, you will see that a lot of highly educated and intelligent officers may have been retired just to make sure that one Fulani moron takes over the head of the armed forces, even as I write, you could still get a lot of men with higher qualifications both in learning and experience being forced to take instructions from Buratai.

However, the Chief of army staff should simply apologise to Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for acting stupid because it is a big insult on Nigerians that the army would wake up at its discretion and violate the constitution with impunity.

CK Fidelis
For IPOB writers
Published by Jonas Rafeal.


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