11th September 2017

Buhari Sent Nigerian Soldiers To Assasinate Nnamdi Kanu At His Residence. 

A Biafran shot at his laps

Yesterday, the 10th of September, 2017, at about 6:30pm, the Nigerian soldiers and combined team of forces invaded the holy town and house of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB). The Muhamadu Buhari military forces took siege of Mazi Kanu's house.

They shot one unarmed IPOB member on his laps. He is currently recieving treatment now at an undisclosed hospital.

You can recall that those Arewa youths who recently became the mouth of the federal government, Nigerian army and northern cabals, have said that they would take battle to kanu's house.

Yesterday's invasion was to tell the world that they are prepared to kill Mazi Kanu and all IPOB members. The question is, why?

Recall that mazi kanu, through radio biafra London reawakened the spirit of Biafra restoration. And the whole marginalised indigenous people of Biafra keyed into the idea of restoration of Biafra nation. He came down to Nigeria and was arrested. The court ordered his release on several occasions, but Buhari ignored and disobeyed the court orders. When the heat became much on him, he(Buhari) through his hand-picked judge, granted Kanu bail with the most inhuman bail conditions.

Since his release, Kanu has been holding peaceful freedom rallies after a successful sit at home exercise of 30th may 2017. The rallies attract millions of people and sensing the eventual breakup from Nigeria based on wide acceptance of the world bodies like UN, AU,EU and some world leaders, the Buhari's government now resorts to shooting and killing IPOB members and threatening to kill Mazi Kanu. This threat is what they are carrying out now in different parts of Biafra land. The presense of the Nigerian military tanks, armoured cars and military men and the reported and obvious killings of Biafrans in their own land is a proof that Buhari and his cabals want to kill Mazi Kanu and the entire Biafrans.

We, therefore, call on the entire world and her leaders to take cognizance of Buhari's wicked and murderous actions and call him to order.

Let Buhari's government give Biafrans a date for referendum because it is their human right as indigenous people. The demand for freedom should not consume us. But if they continue to attack and kill Biafrans with their soldiers, Biafrans may be left with no option than to defend themselves.

Written By Bro Ijeoma Christian
For IPOB Writers


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