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Biafra: Why Proponents of one Nigeria Hate the US so badly especially as God's servant Donald Trump sits in White house.

One Nigerianists

Being a strongly Christian country and standing up in defense of the abused or hated people World over and detecting any real act of terror in the World has turned out to be the greatest offense of both the citizenry and the government of the United States of America against the terror-sponsoring, criminal and Islamic Government of Nigeria. No matter how any group of appropriations may attempt to construe this FACT and divert attention from the glaring or conspicuous evidence that lay nothing short of absolute credence to this observation, they will keep deluding themselves, not Biafrans and the civilized World until they tell the general public why sharia appeared more times in a supposed federal and secular state's CONSTITUTION than Other conventional legal terms and proceedings. The meanings of the Arabic inscriptions on the shield of a supposed Nigerian military than a normal secular English inscriptions. Why the Islamic/Arabic inscriptions on the naira note that is used in a country that has the population of both Muslim and Christian faithful and even Atheists and Traditionalists and a growing population of Jewish faithful?? Why is a supposed secular state a member of a contra-secular religious organization such as the Organization Of Islamic Countries (OIC), when there is no national consensus on that??? The lists of the indictment on Nigeria's Anti-secular/national deliberate drift into Islamic brotherhood-nation continue innumerably.

Pieces of evidence of northern Nigerians rejoicing after the news of 9/11 Bomb attack in the US World trade-centre by the Osama-Bin Laden led Alqaeda terrorist group to abound in the social media. Most unfortunate of all, among the jubilant Northern Nigerian Islamic people is the sitting President/Dictator of the Government of Nigeria-Muhammadu Buhari, who could not hide his satisfaction with the successful Bombing of the World trade center as he joined others to celebrate over the painful, disastrous and unfortunate killing/Bombing of Innocent citizens of the United States of America.

Use of live ammunition against peaceful Biafrans - who rallied on the 20th of January, 2017 in Port Harcourt city of Rivers state - in solidarity with jubilant Citizens of America on the inauguration of Donald Trump as the incoming Commander-in-Chief of the STRONGEST Army on planet Earth is another heart-melting evidence to substantiate their unprovoked loathe on the good citizens and government of the United States of America. Burning of American Flags among all other well-documented undeniable EXPLETIVE words and bad prayers against the presidency of Donald Trump were also characteristic of the very brutal Nigerian Army's and Government's detest of anything America.

The greatest dis-service and unpatriotic fit any American will dare out on is to support any Nation or people that LOATHE the American people especially when there is no traceable act of provocation warranting any such hatred. It is, therefore, a duty and calls for patriotism for any American to rise in defense of the people of Biafra, who suffer unprovoked hate from these vampiric and atrocious people of Northern Nigeria who kill Biafrans when the cartoon of Muhammed is drawn in far-away Denmark. Every human loving American must stand shoulder to shoulder with Biafrans and tell the Government of America that the only way of PRESERVATION for the remnants of Biafra would be to grant her immediate FREEDOM from Nigeria irrespective of restrictive bureaucratic Diplomatic bottle-necks, except human life means nothing to the World.
I must commend the government of America and her acting Secretary bureau of conflict and stabilization operations, department of state, Mr. Thomas-Hushnek for telling Nigeria the essence of Dialogue in conflict resolution than the use of military force. In same fate, I wish to remind the people of America of the urgency to come to our rescue to avoid another stretch of unwarranted Genocide against a Judo-Christian citizen of the indigenous people of Biafra.


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