Thursday 14 September, 2017

Biafra: Tension In Igweocha (PH) As Soldiers Force Igbo Traders Out Of Their Shops, Beat And Arrest Biafrans

Traders and Residents are in a state of panic in the capital city of Rivers state, Igweocha ( Port Harcourt ) as soldiers are currently forcing traders in YKC market in Ibigbo, Igweocha to vacate their shops.

According to an IPOB Writer, Engr Nwachukwu who was affected by the eviction, the soldiers deployed to the region, this morning invaded the market and started chasing traders out of their shops.

The eviction was announced yesterday's evening and carried out this morning, being 14th Sept, 2017.

According to his report, "some road construction personnel came with soldiers this morning and started forcing traders out of their shops.

"Meanwhile, there was an announcement yesterday that everyone should pack out of their shops but we don't know that it will be so soon.

"We are all running around to make sure we pack some of goods to a safe place.

"As for me, I have already lost some of my belongings and some of my goods damaged"

Meanwhile, in a related report in same Obigbo, an IPOB Writer, Amadi Damain, reported that soldiers have taken over the area forcing people to hands up or face beating.

The report said that the Operation started yesterday's evening and many Biafrans have been beaten, arrested and punished.

Anyone that identifies oneself as a Biafran, gets arrested and as a result, many Biafrans have been arrested and taken to unknown destinations.

The report said that residents had to protest in the night when soldiers arrested many Biafrans living along Umusoya - Afam axis of Port Harcourt.

Amadi Damain wrote, "Road Afam & Obigbo express road have been hot since yesterday.

"Nigeria army in the area are beating innocent people up. If you are walking on the road you must carry your hands up and if you mistakenly look at them, they will call you and ask you where you are from; if you are a Biafran, they will beat you up.

"Our brothers and sisters they beat yesterday were too many. They even beat up my friend too, here in Igweocha".

 "There were protests by 12am this morning when the army came to arrest the Biafrans in Umusoya-Afam road but they couldn't.

"They arrested in Obigbo express road as well as in Obigbo roundabout and all were mass arrests".

By Mazi Edozie 
For IPOB Writers 


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