Monday 18 September, 2017 // 12:55 pm

Biafra: A Strong Warning To Igbo Elites And Their Fellow ‘One Nigerianists’

One Igbo adage says: “gbuo dike gbuo dike bu na ogu ulo mana ihe ike mee ochobakwa dike” meaning “a warrior might be conspired against within the kindred but when enemy attacks, the same warrior will be called to fight for the kindred”.

I'm disappointed with the behavior of some Igbo ‘One Nigerianists’, they are the instruments used by the enemies of Biafrans to fight against Biafra restoration hence they have become the obstacle to the emancipation of Biafrans at large.

Everybody may not buy IPOB’s methodology, it may not favor elites’ personal pockets, it may have threatened their bank accounts, yes it is quite understandable that there is fire on the mountain.

My question is: what is your alternative to IPOB? What are you going to present to us in replacement of IPOB? What are your plans for the present and future generations?

If you selfish elites have done your homework very well, there won't be anything like IPOB, if you Abuja puppies have cared for the present youths there won't be anything like Nnamdi Kanu.

Shame on you Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, South-east governors and Abuja politicians. You conspired to kill your people and eliminate Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB but it is dead-on-arrival. You have succeeded in killing peaceful people but will you succeed in burying Biafra agitation? The answer is NO.

One thing about the philosophy of life is: “vacuum create uncertainty”if you succeed in muscling dissent voices, what will replace the vacuum? Certainly, it will be civil unrest which will create a dangerous atmosphere.

If you choose to spit IPOB, the day the Abuja tyrant will descend on you, there won't be “dike” to protest and fight for you. It will be a walkover.

Woe betide any Man that will sabotage IPOB’s efforts to restore Biafra nations. Ifeajuna betrayed Ojukwu and what happened? His name is cursed forever.

The tyrant has commenced his mission, Islamization agenda and total crippling of Igbo businesses. The war has just begun, it will consume you elites.

You elites conspired to bring Python to dance in a peaceful region, just because of one Man, Nnamdi Kanu. The Python will swallow ALL of you elites.

Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo and South-east governors, why didn't you bunch of bimbos ban Fulani-herdsmen in South-east region? Is Fulani terrorist not a regional, national and global threat? Are they not fourth deadliest terror group according to World's terrorist index?

Instead of IPOB activities to end, you elites will see the uprising that will make you cherish IPOB’s current methodology. By then you will yearn for Kanu but he won't be able to quench the inferno.

This warning is not limited to Igbo elites, other ethnic groups trapped in Nigerian contraption should wake up, the enemy will not stop in Igbo land, it must metamorphose to other regions.

Shame on you elites, IPOB has come to stay just like Biafra restoration. In, he ends Biafra must come.

Chinedu Solomon

For IPOB Writers


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