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BIAFRA: Shameless Abia Police Commissioner Plants IEDs At Nnamdi Kanu's House To Discredit And Incriminate Him

Anthony Ogbizi - Abia State Commissioner Of Police

It is quite appalling that the Nigerian police in the face of all manner of crimes, misdemeanors and other unprofessional behaviors obviously prevalent among the men of their command does not have any iota of shame in their face. The Nigerian police which in fact is the worst of all the African police commands have been known for their involvement in several forms of crimes ranging from bribery and corruption, armed robbery, kidnapping, raping and a host of all other forms of criminal activities that bother around cheating and extortion of motorists on the roads by way of collecting N20.00, N50.00, and N100.00.

It is quite despicable that Abia State police commissioner in the person of Anthony Ogbizi has decided to expose his treachery and mischievous behaviour before the international community, maybe he thinks that the world leaders do not have sense like him, how does he think that the world will descend too low to listen to such stupid and moronic assertions of his - that the military recovered IEDs from the home of our most respected Supreme leader, Ohamadike 1 of Biafra land, Onyendu Gurugburu, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Agbowo dike izu Agbaghariaya.

It is the height of insult to even liken our leader with this kind of criminal activity because the whole world knows that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not violent and has not been found guilty of such with the exception of ‘now’ that they are forcing him to be armed.

I personally wonder if the Nigerian police do undergo some form of training at all. Do they have common sense at all? I ask this question because it is this same stupid man that quickly came out to speak for the military when the army invaded the house of Nnamdi Kanu on Sunday 10th September 2017 claiming that the army was rather testing their newly acquired armored personnel carriers. He suddenly became the military spokesperson in that regards while the army was saying that they were just conducting a show of force as they were just passing by Nnamdi Kanu’s house that day, then after that day the army was still passing by and at the same time were laying siege at the leaders house from that Sunday to Friday 14th September 2017 when the military forcefully attacked Nnamdi Kanu in his house killing hundreds of his innocent followers and adopted his father, mother, siblings and so many other IPOB members and took them to unknown destination and at this juncture the foolish commissioner could not explain to us what the army was doing at Nnamdi Kanu’s house anymore.

Unarmed Biafrans killed by Joint Forces of Nigeria during the invasion of Kanu's house at Umuahia Afara-Ukwu Abia State

Okay as if that was not enough, the army that invaded the house of our leader did not say that they recovered IEDs from his house then until this criminal sent his men to the house of our leader on Saturday 16th September 2017 to loot and steal valuables and in fact made a total vandalism of the house of our supreme leader and then planted all manner of objects in order to incriminate an innocent man.

Let me ask this fool, ‘ do you think that there were IEDs and weapons in that house of Nnamdi Kanu when the army invaded that place and those weapons were not used against them when the people had seen that death was imminent?'

The Nigerian police do not even worth joining issue with because the command does not know its left and right at all otherwise, why would the army just rise up and take over the duty of the police, portraying the police as incompetent yet the Inspector General of police could not utter any word to that effect?

If the command actually understand what integrity and professionalism is they should be hiding their faces in shame after the notorious kidnapper, Evans exposed all their involvement in his crimes, they should be hiding their faces in shame after the River State governor Nyesom Wike exposed what their men in SARS are doing, all manner of evils which included armed robbery and Kidnapping.

 The Nigerian police is a band of thieves and criminals and this shameless idiot is their head in Abia State. Just imagine how after the army had conducted their killings and left, this man sent his men to go a loot and plant IEDs and other incriminating items in the house of Nnamdi Kanu for the reason best known to them if not that they are trying to divert attention from the looting and stealing they embarked upon at the house of the leader. Maybe they think that nobody saw them without knowing that there are pieces of evidence in hand and that these will be made open at the right time and at the appropriate quarters.

I, therefore, wish at this juncture to appeal to all well-meaning individuals and the international community to disregard the claims of this thief because Nnamdi Kanu is neither a criminal nor violent; also IPOB is not a terrorist group, we are indigenous people and indigenous people cannot be terrorists, we are peaceful and strongly believe that Biafra will be achieved through legal and diplomatic procedures without war.

However, the Nigerian government has been trying to provoke us to carry arms and I am sure the world is watching with keen interest.

CK Fidelis

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