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Biafra: Religion: I Believe And Accept The Teachings Of The Messiah, Son Of The Almighty - Nnamdi Kanu Speaks


Many people have criticized Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), on his religious beliefs. They have criticized him because they probably misunderstood him.

They said Nnamdi Kanu is anti-Christ because he does not believe in Jesus Christ.

Also, some IPOB members who do not understand the religious convictions of Nnamdi Kanu have as well bought into the belief/teaching that God did not send anyone born of a virgin to save the world.

Those people (IPOB members), out of their misunderstanding of the religious convictions of Nnamdi Kanu, only believe in Yahweh and strongly oppose any Saviour, Redeemer or Messiah proclaimed to have been sent by the Almighty for the redemption of His people.

Among the opposers of the Messianic personality are those that believe that there was someone called the Messiah that came over two thousand years ago but they hold that it was not the Almighty that sent him. They believe that the said Messiah came by himself. Whereas others believe that there was no such person like Messiah that came at that time.

But Nnamdi Kanu has made his position known on the subject of his faith. He has said that he believes both in the person of the Messiah and his teachings.

He said so when IPOB Writers went to pay him a visit in his hometown, Umuahia, on 29th May 2017, a day before the popular IPOB 30th May event, Remembrance of Biafra Fallen Heroes and Heroines, which this year own was observed with a Sit-at-Home exercise.

He said that he believes in the Messiah, the Son of the Living God but the only challenge he has is the name Jesus Christ because "Jesus Christ" was not the original name he was called.

He said that there was no letter "J" in the old Jewish alphabets when the Son of God came and therefore, his name couldn't have started with the letter "J", instead the Messiah's name is "Yahweh Yahshua" and if anyone prays by that name, it is okay to him.

 He said, "I believe in him and I accept his teachings. His name is Yahweh Yahshua.

"You see, there was no letter 'J' in Hebrew alphabets as at that time.

"If you pray in his name, I do not have any problem with that. I will say amen to your prayer as well as when you pray in the name Chukwu-Okike Abiama.

"His name, Yahweh Yahshua, in Igbo is Chizoba."

"I believe in him but do not subscribe to worshipping his personality. It is only the Almighty we worship"

Meanwhile, in a related interview with the IPOB leader's younger brother, Prince Emma Kanu said his brother believes in Jesus Christ.

"My brother(Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) believes in Jesus Christ."

"Whichever one you call him, whether Jesus Christ or Yahweh Yahshua, it is just a change of name.

"We are not interested in what you believe in, what we want to know is 'what can you do to bring Biafra?'

"There will be freedom of religion when Biafra comes. Thank you."

By Mazi Edozie,

IPOB Writers


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