Saturday 30 September 2017 // 10:15 AM 

BIAFRA RED ALERT: Buratai And Accomplice Northern High Ranking Military Officers Plan To Bomb Onitsha Main-Market Soon

Buratai, Army Chief Of Staff Of Nigerian Army

The Christian Holy Bible says in the book of Psalm127vs1b that 'Unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchman stays awake in vain. Also, an adage has it that 'to be forewarned is to be fore-armed. An Igbo-Adage says, "It is appointed unto any man that chases after a brooding-chick to fall/plummet repeatedly even as the Chick will keep accelerating its speed". It is not by our design that God Almighty has decided to humble the proud and mighty and exalt the humble and lowly.

Also, the Bible says that they shall gather, but since their gathering is not of the Lord Almighty, they shall scatter. Though the Nigerian government has conspired against we Biafrans since it is not in the plan of the Lord on us, they shall scatter.

 Breaking Intelligence and reliable news sources have it that the Nigerian government through the head of her Land terrorist Army or Chief of Army staff, Lt Gen  Tukur Buratai Yusuf has concluded a grand conspiracy to bomb Onitsha main-Market. Although our sources are still Working assiduously to ascertain the exact day, time and start point for the execution of this wicked plan by the Nigerian government through Tukur Buratai the Army Chief of staff.

Our available Intel reveals that the motive behind this nefarious and criminal plan of the Nigerian government is to create tension between Biafrans at home and Abroad, knowing fully well that most business units at the said market are largely owned by Biafrans resident across all Nations of the World. Once the plan succeeds, the impression would be for Biafrans abroad to begin to allege the criminal outcome on (IPOB) indigenous people of Biafra at home and consequently refuse to add further assistance to the Biafra project.

The political expected outcome would be for the Biafrans Abroad to ask those home to go out en masse and vote on the election date since IPOB may have fallen finally via the conspiracy as a terrorist organization. The Conspiring Nigerian terrorist military will after the successful execution of this plan sustain the same approach across Biafraland until INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS like the UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS, and the government of the United States yields to the frivolous pressure of the government of Nigeria and Tag an entire Indigenous people of Biafra a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

We are by this piece putting the EU, US, UN, AU, ECOWAS and other relevant World organizations on NOTICE that should anything like BOMB blast happen anywhere around Biafraland from this moment and after, they should hold the federal and terrorist government of Nigeria and her military under the leadership of Muhammadu  Buhari and Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai respectively responsible and force them to give account of any eventual loss from the outcome of the charade of conspiracies they have nursed against the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB)Worldwide.

Biafrans are also advised to ensure maximum security consciousness in and around BIAFRALAND from the time of filing this report, and endeavor to report any suspicious movement by any unknown individual since we have that those apportioned this conspiracy by the Nigerian Army would either appear on BIAFRA REGALIA or on Mufty as they will be tagged BIAFRAN terrorists should they fall out of favour and get caught by either the public or the Police or local Vigilante security units as the case may be. May God protect us continually as we must keep being safe to keep exposing evil plans of the FAILED NIGERIAN STATE.




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