Biafra: How Nigerian Govt Failed In Her Bid To Rob IPOB Its Non-Violent Stance.


 9th September 2017/ 08:55 pm

It is characteristic of failed states to see a call for a referendum as a call for war. Nigeria is one of those failed states in today's world and her efforts to label IPOB as a violent group shouldn't be seen as a surprise.

The desperation in Nigeria’s corridors of power is so alarming to the extent that hoodlums and criminals are arrested and forced to claim IPOB membership.

Just a few days ago, some hoodlums were arrested in Anambra state and under pressure were forced to claim to be IPOB members. What does being a criminal has to do with being an IPOB member?

One could have imagined that Nigerian government would engage IPOB in intellectual discussion and debate but with the greatest surprise, the reverse is the case. Is that how the Nigerian government plans to win in the imminent referendum? I doubt!

One would also be asked: “does it mean that when a criminal is going for stealing, he/she will dress up in a Biafran regalia for showing sake?

The handlers of the Nigerian government, including her security intel, are all dumb set of people. Trying to term IPOB a violent group by crook means will backfire and the fire will consume both the enkindle and the rekindled.

The Nigerian government through her military department launched ‘Operation Python Dance Part 2’ in the most peaceful region in Nigeria according to UN Security report. Nothing goes for nothing, there's a connection between efforts to label IPOB as a violent group and ‘Operation Python Dance 1 & 2”.

One of the Yoruba adages said: “witch cried last night and a child died in the morning, na the same witch wey cry last night killed the child in the morning”. The Nigerian government has tried everything possible in the past to militarize South East but failed woefully. They now resort to planting criminals, catch them and ask them to testify as IPOB members in order to militarize Biafran land.

We need to keep the world on the notice that Nigerian government through her security apparatus has embarked on self-destructive exercise. They now sponsor criminals and like a stage show, ask them to claim to be IPOB members so that they can hatch their rotten eggs.

IPOB members are peaceful people and in any event, any member commits a crime, it must be treated as an individual case. But for so far no IPOB member has been caught doing illegal things because these are nurtured and cultured people who lead and live by example, in short, IPOB are pace setters.

The members of the public should disregard the highest level of propaganda oozing out from Nigeria’s mouth. Government handlers are desperate and like a drowning man, they can even hold their shadow in a bid for rescue.

The truth of the matter is; Amnesty International, Transparency International, and other human rights organizations are aware of Nigerian government’s propaganda. Like a mad dog who doesn't know boundaries, the Nigerian government has bitten these organizations several times. International communities know Nigerian government more than they (government) know themselves.

The members of the public can not entertain this childish act from the Nigerian government any longer, trying to label a peaceful organization as a violent group is counter productive and does no one good.

At this juncture, we can't overemphasize the importance of referendum. The government should conduct a referendum for Biafran people to make their choice. Through a referendum, the unity of Nigeria may get a boost or the Biafra Republic would be restored.

South East is not a violent region and United Nations confirmed it in their last security report. If a region is peaceful, it means that its inhabitants are also peaceful. This region also inhabits Biafrans of Igbo extraction though there are other Igbos living outside of this region: some in south-south and some lower Benue.

We are alerting the international community of an orchestrated plan to exterminate Biafrans, both in blackmailing and total policing of southeast and south-south states. Biafrans are peaceful people and should be seen as such.

The more we try to undo years of propaganda peddled by Nigerian government through her gutter media outlets, the more they try to manufacture new ones, but they must fail.

I have never seen where a criminal was arrested and labeled as Arewa, I have never seen where a hoodlum was arrested and labeled Oduduwa or OPC, therefore incompetent and unprofessional Nigerian security should desist from criminalizing IPOB members. I'll end with this saying: “A word is enough for the wise.”

Chinedu Solomon
for IPOB family writers.


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  1. The Zoo government action is criminal and in contrary to the ruling of the court which declared IPOB as a lawful organization. Calling IPOB members criminals means that they belong to an unlawful organization. This is a political rubbish.


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