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Biafra: Geofrey Onyemaobi; Afaraukwu Maggot After Nnamdi Kanu

I read some comments credited to your long fizzled out personality and I couldn't help taking some seconds out of my tight schedule to address you and keep you at the trash where you rightly belong.

You commented that the ban and proscription of IPOB were belated and that Nnamdi Kanu's family established IPOB as a business venture.

I would have blamed the newsmen who granted you such opportunity to mess yourself up but I remembered that the fundamental human rights to freedom of speech include allowing dogs like you to utter their gibberish that strips them of any remnant of political, social/communal or moral relevance.

Talking about political relevance, it is most unfortunate to remember that you were once a lawmaker during the emancipatory time of Sam Mbakwe but good judgment from Mbakwe's legacy has eluded your faculty. Instead of pursuing or embarking on political measures to sustain relevance in the state, it is a shame that you have pursued the pants and bras of irresponsible whores and as a result, you have fallen from the enviable height of a political stronghold to a regrettable level of a village with community political worth of zero.

Talking about social or communal relevance, it is a shame that you cannot now win the councilor-ship seat of your community because you are seen as an inconsequential woman wrapper in the community.

Your wife died a military officer and left you with huge monetary benefits, assets, and investments but you have squandered all with loose women of the community and any other woman with good breast to be sucked. And as you suck, they have succeeded in sucking your political, social and even communal relevance away.

You now smell before the elders of the land and your words and presence are now an abomination. Your words and presence that should command crowd are now like chaff before the wind. When you speak, no one listens because your words are only meaningful in the ears of irresponsible women who have become your sycophants.

The youths of the land find you despicable, even the responsible women you have not penetrated in the land now see you as a clear representation of immorality and a shame to manhood.

Even the gods of the land are now displeased with you and would not have you buried in their land because after squandering your wife's wealth, you resorted to selling community lands. They would rather you were eaten up by vultures and dogs like you.

It is a pity that the capacity of your brain can only retain strategies to lure women but can't  reason like a former lawmaker to know that the prescription of IPOB is an unlawful act, that the governors are infringing on the fundamental human rights to freedom of assembly of armless IPOB members.

You are not fully composments and as a result you think like an illiterate fellow who has gone mad as a result of drug and women overuse, if not, you would have reasoned that Nigeria Army lacks the prerogative to declare IPOB a terrorist  organisation, with those obviously concocted allegations, without recourse to judicial procedures and injunctions.

I would not have expected you to take a lawful position in the matter because you have not adhered to legality as you have taken advantage of your APC position in the community to sell community lands, terrorizing those who could have spoken out against your crime with your "ruling party might".

People of your kind are the reason why armless Biafrans embarked on the agitation for a Biafran state because you have only thought of yourselves and your concubines.

You have diverted public funds for personal consumption and have left the masses with no scintilla of hope in Nigeria. You only think of enjoying now and leaving future generations to a terrible fate.

I don't want to state that your opinion of Nnamdi Kanu using IPOB as a business establishment was as a result of envy, because it is an obvious fact.

No one would expect less from you because you represent Saul of the bible that failed his people and the song of "how are the mighty fallen" was sung by the women. And as he was rejected resorted to chasing David, the killer of Goliath that terrorized Isreal, to kill him.

I want you to know that Nnamdi Kanu, like David, has defeated Gen. Muhamadu Buhari. With the simple weapon of truth, he has achieved that, just like David rejected the armory of Saul but using simple stone defeated the uncircumcised Philistine.

I want you to know that people like you can not make things happen but those you called touts do, just like the whole prominent army of Israel could not confront Goliath but David, an under-rated flock keeper, did.

If people like you were to spearhead the agitation for restoration of Biafra, only at the laps of women would you have sold the struggle away? The Federal government under dictator Buhari would not have sweated this far striving for means to quench the fire of the agitation.

It would not have deployed soldiers to the southeast and to your residence on a Python Dance to kill pro-Biafra activists, IPOB  members, and label them terrorists - a beautiful woman would have sufficed and the Biafra fire would have fizzled out.

Finally, I advise you to clean up your mess, although it is now part of your aging life before you address the press next time.

By Mazi Edozie
For IPOB Writers


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