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What We Must Know About Nnamdi Kanu's Meeting With AIF

Either the words of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, during his meeting with Ala-Igbo International Foundation, was being misconstrued, or the position and response of the president of the Ala-Igbo International Foundation, Professor Uzodimma Nwala, was either voluntarily misinterpreted reported or hungry reporters were doing their assigned duty.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), met with the leadership of Ala-Igbo International Foundation on the 18th of August, 2017, in Owerri, the capital of Imo state.

The meeting was, amongst other things, premised on the 'Anambra election boycott' order as given by Nnamdi Kanu.

Nnamdi Kanu was asked his reason for the boycott of the said election and he gave his reason which was not made public but will not be far from the fact that boycotting Elections in Biafra territories, which starts with Anambra election, will quickly show the world that the Indigenous People of Biafra are no more interested in the government of Nigeria and are, therefore, ready for a referendum to prove that.

On their deliberation, they (AIF) would have asked him (Kanu) about the much talked about the disruption of election and in response, he answered, "IPOB is not a violent group. We are law abiding citizens of the society."

In other words, IPOB is not going to disrupt the Anambra election but will only boycott it.

Nnamdi Kanu did not say that he had withdrawn the order to boycott elections in Anambra state nor did he say he was going to do so rather he said, according to Vanguard:

"What we hear today will guide us on the issue of Anambra election. I will go and meet with the leadership of IPOB"

Also according to Vanguard, the president of the AIF said the following:

"As you see in our midst, you see our brother Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we have come to discuss the issue of mutual concern, especially on Anambra election. We are happy he is here with us.

“As we know the IPOB decision on the boycott of the election and you know that IPOB is an organised group and the agitation born out of marginalization of the Igbo.

 “We are glad he has explained to us the reason they issued the boycott order and that it is not his personal decision but that of the IPOB leadership. We are meeting for the first time and will still meet again. No decision has been taken.”

He did not say or insinuate that Nnamdi Kanu agreed to drop his order of boycotting Anambra election rather he said that Nnamdi Kanu explained his reason for boycotting Anambra election and that the agitation was occasioned by the obvious marginalization of Igbos.

He clearly stated that there was no decision reached on the issues they discussed.

Also according to another news media, Daily Post, the leader of the foundation, Uzodinma Nwala, told newsmen Friday evening:“After much deliberation, IPOB has assured us that it won’t disrupt the November 18 governorship election.

“We have jointly told People who are eligible to vote to go out and exercise their franchise without fear of molestation.”

There is nothing to suggest from the above statement that IPOB had withdrawn its order of election boycott, rather the leadership of AIF, having been assured that IPOB is a non-violent organization and, therefore, would not disrupt the election, issued the statement that eligible people who are willing to vote should do so without fear of violence.

Before meeting with AIF, IPOB Leadership was not planning to use violence to stop the election rather it believed and still believes that educating people on the reason why the election should not be held in Biafra is the best way to stop people from going to vote. And that is the reason for the rallies frequently held by the leadership of the IPOB.

It is regrettable that some media groups, even supposedly reputable ones, falsely reported that "IPOB has withdrawn it'sNo Referendum, No Election' order".

If IPOB wants to withdraw its position on the election, which I believe it will not, it will make the statement by itself and not some group helping it to do so.

Therefore, the president of AIF, Professor Uzodimma Nwala, in his use of the word "jointly" would have been referring to his fellow group members and not IPOB Leadership since the president had previously said that the meeting was the first and decision was not reached.

Moreover, the fake news of the withdrawal of boycott order has been refuted by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's media aide, Darlington Chukwubuikem. He affirmed that IPOB had not shifted from its initial position of boycotting the Anambra elections come November 18.

<--adense--> In his words he Darlington said:  “Whoever said that ( IPOB has changed its position on the election boycott) is telling lies. The media in Lagos is fond of spreading falsehood about us. Nnamdi Kanu can never go back on his word. There will be no election in Anambra. There is nothing anybody can do about this. Any media that is reporting that Nnamdi Kanu has withdrawn his call to boycott Anambra elections is simply practising false reportage,” Darlington concluded.

Meanwhile, in the rally held on Sunday, 20th of August, 2017, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reiterated that there was no change in the order of "election boycott" in Biafra land.

So it shows that the professionalism of those media outlets that falsely reported the event is questionable and their reputation at stake.

Maybe they were fulfilling their own part of the deal reached with the Nigerian government which summoned them sometimes ago which is to spread false news about Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra.

By Mazi Edozie
For IPOB Writers
Published by Jonas Rafeal



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