Sunday, August 6, 2017. 02:08GMT
The Purpose Of Nnamdi Kanu's Proposed Visit To Lagos
This gospel of Biafra restoration must be preached wherever Biafrans exist. The same way he, Nnamdi Kanu, travelled to Kuwait to preach, to Malaysia, to Mexico, to Britain, to Israel, USA and all the other 89 countries of the world where Biafrans exist, so shall he travel to Lagos. Biafrans must come home to build their home. Those who were born in Lagos and have spent their lifetime in Lagos must return home to do that which their state governments can never do for them. Many parts of Lagos are developed and built by Igbo extract of Biafra origin, yet their home is lacking all that they deposited in another man's land. So it is time to take this gospel to them. To preach this truth in Lagos is a must! I opine that those asking Nnamdi Kanu not to travel to Lagos should be talking to the agents of darkness, who are nursing evil in their minds, to harm him. Just like Jesus told the women of Jerusalem crying for him during the time of his trial and suffering: "Do not cry for me rather cry for yourselves and your children", same way, I tell the Nigerian government to cry for the destruction and inhaling of poisonous gas that must be meted on the whole land should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu as he visits Lagos. There will surely be massive consequences which no amount of plea can quell. The land must surely tremble and there is no escape route for any Nigerian government official. For real, even in Madina Saudi Arabia, Cayman's Island or even the interior parts of Iraq or Jordan, Biafrans are readily waiting for the command to engage in action. Should any eventuality befall our Director, Lagos will be like Sahara desert and this promise we shall gladly carry out because for long we have been waiting for a pay-back period to avenge the death of 3.5million Biafrans killed. To you, Nyesom Nwike, the executive governor of River state, we understand your concern about Nnamdi Kanu but you must understand that Nnamdi Kanu didn't send himself on this mission. The God that controls human affairs on earth sent him. When he said, "I was in the temple of Solomon to pray, I went inside the holy of holies; the inner tabernacle was where I picked something and put under my tongue", he was not joking. Again he said, "We are whiter than white and whiter than snow. After we must have gone there, there can never be any other exactly like us". The above lines should let you understand that the hand of heaven is strong on Nnamdi Kanu. But should any evil agent of the Nigerian government think otherwise, let him try - so that the beginning of the end can start. In peace he has planned to visit Lagos. It is the gospel of Restoration he is taking to his lost brothers in Lagos but should there be anyone planning evil against Nnamdi Kanu, such should get ready to live forever in the consequences that will follow within 24hours. It is only the fools that dance where the angels fear to set their feet on. God bless Biafra! God bless Biafrans! God bless IPOB Writers! God bless our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu! God bless the IPOB world wide! Written by Prince Chinonso Jacob For IPOB writers. Published by Jonas Rafael.


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