Wednesday, August 16, 2017. 21:10GMT
Tension In Oil Mill Market As Traders Disagree With Tax Collectors, Police Shooting Sporadically In The Air

Information reaching IPOB Writers desk this morning has it that there is an ongoing disagreement between oil mill market traders and tax collectors in Port Harcourt (Igweocha) Rivers state.

One of the people trading in the said market, who identified himself as Emeka, when contacted related the incident to us and said:

"In the early hours of today being the 16th of August 2017, we came to market, that is, Oil Mill market, to sell our goods as usual. There came the tax collectors demanding their money, which is a normal thing.

"But when we were about to pay them the normal amount, they refused, saying that the money has been increased. We had to disagree with the idea. They left and we thought that that was all.

"Suddenly, they came back with police and started harassing us, and before we knew it, they started shooting up into the air and we had to run for safety. And up til now, they are still shooting.

"Meanwhile, this place we are staying is mostly occupied by IPOB members but as of now no casualty has been recorded."

It is no news that IPOB members are targeted by the Nigerian government and its security operatives and they utilize any opportunity to harass, oppress, brutalise and kill them as far as they identify themselves as IPOB members.

Hence information reaching us has confirmed that three (3) out of the IPOB members who are currently waiting for their leader's scheduled visit to Ekwulobia, Aguata Anambra state, have been shot dead by Nigeria's security operatives who came to the venue, confronting peaceful jubilating crowds of Biafrans waiting for their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and started shooting live bullets at them.

Also, women have been reportedly stripped naked and many IPOB members injured.

Stay tuned as more update comes later.

By: Engr.  Nwachukwu M.C 
& Mazi Edozie 
Reporting For IPOB Writers
Published by Jonas Rafeal


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