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“Our-Mumu-Don-Do” Protesters Were Lucky Not To Have Gotten IPOB Treatment

The Nigerian police on Tuesday 8th August 2017 used tear gas to disperse the members of Concerned Nigerians under the movement of “Our-Mumu-Don-Do”. The convener of this group, Mr. Charles Oputa a.k.a CharlyBoy is the son of late Chukwu Oputa from Ugwuta in Imo state, the once respected "Oputa panel". He convened his group since yesterday Monday in a bid to rescue the sinking Nigeria. CharlyBoy and his group staged the protest on Monday without molestation, police even accorded them some respect. 

The story changed on Tuesday when the Nigerian police unleashed mayhem on the protesters. They (police) in their usual attempt to justify their insensitivity to democratic processes said they got Intel that hoodlums wanted to hijack the protest hence they used the excuse/opportunity to violently disperse the peaceful protesters. 

The situation in Nigeria now is a replica of a certain village where an elder was watching small children bury his fellow elderly person with spoilt mat, not knowing that when he (the living elder) dies, the same spoilt mat will be used for his burial. When the Nigerian security operatives were using IPOB peaceful protesters for shooting practice, every other Nigerian laughed and popped champagne. Even ‘One-Nigerianist' Igbos kept mute and focused on protecting their investment, not knowing that a single drop of blood of a Biafran is more precious than a million dollar investment.
Today, Nigerians in their lackadaisical attitudes towards raising alarm when it should be done have nurtured brutal demonic police officers. Nigerian police and her sister military have turned to a thorn in people's flesh. Unarmed peaceful protesters can't exercise their rights to freedom of expression. Police have continued to infringe on peoples' rights. Then who should we blame for this dictatorship state? Should we blame the Nigerian masses or the elites who use police as a cover? Should we blame the elites who rejoice whenever security operatives descend on peaceful Nigerians? 

Every blame should be directed to the Nigerian masses, they are like that elderly man I discussed above who stayed dumb when children were committing sacrilege. Nigerian masses should bear the brunt of what they nurtured. Evil multiplies when good people fail to speak up in the face of evil. The truth of the matter is: the Nigerian masses out of hatred for the Biafran people, sold their fundamental human rights to the elites and accept animalistic status. Because it was IPOB members who were taking the bullets and raising alarm, every other person in Nigeria kept mute. This is the beginning, a time will come when the Nigerian security operatives will mistake Nigerians for Biafrans and start shooting anything that carries placards. 

The Nigerian masses will cry without consolation because it would have been too late. CharlyBoy and his group (Our-Mumu-Don-Do) should go and sit down, they are part of the problem. He (CharlyBoy) has been an anti-Biafran agent, his love for Nigeria will be his end if he doesn't take time. Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu foretold that “any Biafran who served/serves Nigeria must come back in shame”. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Diezani Alison Madueke, Late Nnamdi Azikiwe and Late Aguiyi Ironsi are the very good epitome.

They all served the Nigerian government and returned home covering their faces in shame. It was gathered that he (CharlyBoy) fainted when the Nigerian police shot tear gas at the protesters. We also thanked God he didn't die, maybe a second chance was granted him by Chukwu Okike to make amends and acknowledge the Biafra Republic as the only saviour of Biafrans, Nigerians and the black race at large. I wish those who sustained various injuries a quick recovery both physically and psychologically. 

Until justice is done for over 3.5million children starved to death during 1967-70 Biafra genocidal war committed by Gowon and his cronies; until justice is done to IPOB members murdered by Nigerian security agents in different fronts both on 30th May 2016 Biafra Remembrance Day, peace shall elude Nigeria and her protagonists. 

Written by Chinedu Solomon For IPOB Writers.
Published by Jonas Rafeal.



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