Monday, August 21, 2017. 22:14GMT

For the first time in my writing, I am going to openly show deeper tribal instinct against any tribe in the contraption called Nigeria. I so much detest this.

But please excuse me!

Why is it that in the whole of Igbo man's agitation for self-determination, it is always his neighbour from Lagos, Ibadan, Ondo, Osun, Ogun, Oyo, and their half brother from Edo that you always read on the Social media, watch on televisions, hear on the Radio ridiculing and pouring invectives on them?  Why this so much hate against the Igboman by the Yoruba?

Recently, one that I considered my friend was almost laughing at me for identifying with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and referring to the struggle with mischief. This is even when the same Yoruba has also started its own freedom fighting and agitation for the Independence of their ODUDUWA REPUBLIC.

In the daily newspapers owned by the Yoruba such as The Punch, it is a war against Igbo/Biafra/Nnamdi Kanu. On their televisions such as Channels TV, it's war against Ndigbo. Go to the Social media, it is Nnamdi Kanu this, Biafra that, Omo Igbo those by the Yoruba brother, etc. Haba!

The Yoruba neighbour has become blind to the threat by its ODUDUWA REPUBLIC agitators to poison waterways of the country. The Yoruba press has become deaf to the daily ritual killings, shrines, human parts markets being bursted daily in their territories; their gods have even gone dumb with a daily overdose of blood from Badoo cults but my neighbour would be fast to insult and hype any single event that takes place in Igbo land.  Ndi nzuzu!

Recently, Channels TV was fast to report a lie that is enough to send some to early death!. After a meeting between some Igbo leaders and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the issue of Anambra Election Boycott order by IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said he honoured the meeting which was held in Owerri, Imo state capital over his love and respect for the Igbo elders.

He added that his struggle for the republic of Biafra was based on justice.

Speaking briefly, Kanu said: “I came because of my respect for elders. IPOB is not a violent group. We are law-abiding citizens of the society. “What we hear today will guide us on the issue of Anambra election. I will go and meet with the leadership of IPOB.”

In his speech, the President of Ala Igbo Development Foundation, Professor Uzodimma Nwala, said that it was the first meeting with the IPOB leader on the boycott order on Anambra Guber.

Nwala said: “As you see in our midst, you see our brother Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we have come to discuss the issue of mutual concern, especially on Anambra election. We are happy he is here with us.

“As we know the IPOB decision on the boycott of the election and you know that IPOB is an organised group and the agitations born out of marginalization of Biafrans.

“We are glad he has explained to us the reason they issued the boycott order and that it is not his personal decision but that of the IPOB leadership. We are meeting for the first time and will still meet again. No decision has been taken"

But what did my Yoruba brother report on his Channels TV?  That Nnamdi Kanu has cancelled his calls for election Boycott in Anambra State!

Inasmuch as the hatred, greed for lies and excessive desire by the Yoruba brother to destroy his Igbo developer do not necessarily weigh down the determination of these anointed Igbos for freedom; so far as the Yoruba brother knows fully that someone is helping him wage a war that he is not too brave to lead, the least and honest expectation would be silence.  When they succeed, you fly your ODUDUWA REPUBLIC or remain with your Nigeria nation. Then both countries will still remain good neighbours and this will be better for Africa.

Now, who will help me tell my Yoruba neighbour that his hatred for Omo Igbo has only succeeded in uniting them? Just tell him that Ndigbo harbour no grudges against them.

Sometimes I wonder how my Yoruba neighbour manages to see the sand in my eyes while in his are tipper loads of concretes.

I have grown up to see too much hatred and pretentiousness between these two tribes. Sincerely, I have come to agree that they can be United being divided.

By Greg Nwadike.
Pubished by Jonas Rafeal


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