Friday 25th August 2017 /10:30 pm

Biafra: Why Bianca Ojukwu Should Shut Up Her Mouth


It has been reported that Bianca Ojukwu, the widow of the Biafran Warlord, Late Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ikemba Ojukwu, has warned IPOB members, who are insisting on the boycott of Anambra gubernatorial election scheduled by the electoral umpire of Nigeria, INEC, to hold on 18th Nov, 2017, to desist from such campaign in Anambra instead should go and test-run such in their individual home states.

She reportedly said so during the inauguration of the Akpokuodike Fan Club, in Awka where she also spoke in support of Obiano's re-election.

She said, according to DailyPost: “Let them begin it in their home states. Why Anambra?. They better desist or have themselves to be blamed,”

But I want to remind the widow of the Biafran Warlord that ALL Igbo Biafrans took their journeys to different states of residence from Aguleri, Anambra state and as a matter of headship, Anambra is traditional, religiously and politically expected to be the first ground to test-run the boycott exercise before going to offspring states created by the Nigerian government. Because our people said "anaghi ahapu isi nku, gworo odu ya aju" hence honour must be given to whom honour is due and coincidentally, Anambra gubernatorial election happens to come before other states' elections which may take place by 2019.

To the statement credited to the widow which says, “Obiano should be returned for a second term to sustain the dividends of good governance in the state”, I want to asked her where she has been; whether she is not aware of the killings recorded in Anambra state since the tenure of Gov. Willie Obiano. I know she is informed of the facts and figures.

How can Anambrians vote in the same government that slaughtered their brothers and sisters in cold-bloods? Why should Anambrians vote in the forthcoming election? Should they vote to individually receive their dividends of killings? For the synergised power of  police and army to bring them to their early graves?

And why has Bianca kept mute at the killings going on since 30th August 2015? How would she keep quiet at such brutality, atrocities and injustices meted against Anambrians by the combined Nigerian government and Obiano government, but now open her mute mouth to tell Biafrans such trash? Who does she think will listen to her nonsense?

Bianca should know that she is a disappointment to her late husband, the spirits of Biafra Fallen Heroes and Heroines and womanhood.

She should go back and learn from Annkio Briggs, the Ijaw woman freedom fighter or shut her irritating mouth forever on Biafra issues.

By Mazi Edozie 
For IPOB Writers


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