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Buhari Should Simply Resign To Avoid Impending Devastation In Nigeria - FKK 

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has called on elder statesmen including former Presidents and Heads of State to prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign his office to save Nigeria from imminent national disaster.

He described as unfortunate what he called the culture of silence in the face of very serious national issues capable of throwing the nation into unprecedented calamity in the near future.

Briefing journalists on Wednesday in Abuja, the former media director for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 2015 Presidential campaign, noted that Presiden5 Buhari had become too weak on account of persistent illness to run the affairs of Nigeria.

Fani Kayode observed that even though some elder statesmen might have privately advised the President in the past to resign, the time had come to speak out on the matter.

He noted that some persons who were very close to Buhari were urging him on at the detriment of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Fani Kayode said:

“I am disturbed but I will give them (elder statesmen) a benefit of doubt because it is possible they are giving their wise counsels behind closed door. Where I disagree with them is this: it gets to a point that you stop giving counsels privately to a group of hard-hearted people who are pushing our country to the brink of division, disaster and civil war.

“It gets to a point where you have to say enough is enough and speak up publicly. The right and proper thing for any elder statesman to do is to call and demand the resignation of President Buhari who is simply not well enough to run the affairs of the nation. I have nothing against him but when it is clear that the Lord Himself is sending a signal by all these signs and wonders… The last time I heard of rats pursuing people, I read about it in the Bible when Pharaoh was tormented by frogs, flies and various plaques” he stated.

Fani Kayode also lamented that some persons whose names he refused to mention were bent on causing disharmony and disaffection among Nigerians so that in the event that anything happened to the ailing President, the country would be thrown into serious trouble.

According to him, “the Buhari we see today is not the same Buhari that was Head of State in 1983 because apart from being old, he has become too weak to handle matters of state. The old Buhari was a man of courage and firmness”

“Those of us who love him want the cabal to live him alone so that he can go and rest; his managers knew and still know that he can’t continue” he added.

Insisting that Buhari has become very incapable of running the affairs of the nation, Fani Kayode said:

“It is self-evident. In 1985, the military took over power and drove Buhari from office. IN 2017, rats, according to the Presidential spokesman have driven the same man from his office. That is problematic and it raises a lot of fundamental issues. Before he came back, his beautiful wife told the world the man would come back to deal with the hyenas and the jackals. It appears that that agenda is no longer in place now that rats are dealing with him. That is a kind of the theatre of the absurd that Nigerians are being subjected to before the international community. This is unacceptable. I don’t believe one word of this rats thing because the truth is this: President Buhari is simply not well enough to go the office. President Buhari was not well enough to preside over FEC meeting and is still not well enough. President Buhari is not well enough to run the affairs of this country”

According to him, “Those of us that love him and see him as a compatriot, an elder statesman will pray for him. We are praying that this cabals that are pushing him to continue to run the affairs of this nation will leave him alone. Let him go home and rest. In the history of a great country, it has never been said that our presidents, Heads of State and leaders were driven away by rats from office. When will people begin to appreciate the fact that something is fundamentally wrong with the Federal government, the APC, the power that is behind the APC”

The former minister further declared that “the same people that we have been talking about are the same people saying he must be there at all cost and it fits the narrative of the October 1stthreat by the Arewa youths saying that the Igbo must leave the north. What people don’t realize is that this is pregnant with danger because what some have said openly is that if anything happens to Buhari, as they assume he was poison, they will start killing people in the north. That is my fear when they keep pushing him to remain in office even though he is not well enough.

If anything happens to him, I and other Nigerians will hold this cabal responsible for the welfare of Buhari and those that begin to kill as a consequence will meet a reaction that they never bargained for because gone are the days when people will be slaughtered and nothing happened. Nigeria of 1966 is not the Nigeria of 2017.

They came to power by evil and you all know it. They came to power by hate speeches, threats and they came to power by defaming people”

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