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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Is A Freedom Fighter, Rearresting Him Spells Doom For Nigeria - Ex-Kaduna Gov. Warns FG

IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu raised his hands after being granted bail in Abuja high court

An ex-Military Administrator of Kaduna State, Col Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, Rtd, has warned the Nigerian Government against treating the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, like a common criminal by going on with its planned rearrest of the IPOB leader.

He said that Mazi Kanu is just a freedom fighter fighting for the survival of his marginalized people in an unfair and unequal country, Nigeria.

He described the revocation move of the government as "dangerous and politically unwise".

He inferred that the Biafra Security Service, BSS, the IPOB leader formed is the resultant effect of the military might with which the government follows him coupled with the long detention he had.

He posited that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his compatriots are freedom fighters who love their country, Biafra, so dearly that they are ready to die restoring her.

He noted that it is a wishful thinking for  Nigerians to believe that a polarised state like Nigeria would have a lasting unity through the military might of a veteran like Buhari, who would insist that Nigeria must be one whether stakeholders want it so or not.

Rather he, Umar, believes that Nigeria can only regain and sustain its fading existence through recourse to true democracy, equity, fairness, justice; allowing dissent, vigorous and robust opinions to be expressed, no matter how divergent and inconvenient they are.

The former Military Administrator of Kaduna State who is now Chairman, Movement for Unity & Progress, MUP, said:

“Reports in the media indicate that the Federal government has asked the Federal High Court in Abuja to revoke the bail granted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and have him rearrested.

“This is both dangerous and politically unwise. Mazi Kanu is not a common criminal as the government appears to think. On the contrary, he is a bitter young man fighting for a fairer deal for his Igbo kinsmen.

“His seeming militant approach is the result of the strong arm tactics with which the Federal Government deals with him. His long incarceration before a court granted him bail testifies to this.

“Like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, many Igbos genuinely feel marginalized since they belong to the category of those who gave Mr President only 5% of their votes and appeared to have fallen out of his favour.

“President Buhari’s insistence that the unity of Nigeria is a settled issue is a nationalistic wish and is no surprise coming from a veteran of civil war fought to keep the country one.

“However, this does not take into account the mood of the nation as indicated by the growing agitations for self determination, restructuring and many other similar demands.

“If indeed the President is able to ignore and silence those agitators, it will be a case of suspended animation. All indications are that Nigeria has become so polarized that it requires a strong personality like General Buhari to sustain its fragile unity.

“Needless to say that this does not bode well for the survival of the nation.

“Most Nigerians are convinced of the need to maintain Nigeria’s unity, cognisant of the enormous benefits all sections drive from a large, diverse and resource rich country.

“The Federation also provides a security umbrella to all the federating units which enhance their survivability and prosperity.

“It is difficult to see how any of them can fare better out of the federation. But the fact that there are growing agitations for self determination, restructuring and other similar demands speak gravely of the way the federation is being governed.

“Nigeria’s unity can only be guaranteed when all its citizens feel they are getting a fair deal; when all its component parts are treated justly and equitably. When none feels oppressed.

“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Adeyanju and other similar agitators might seem like felons or even anarchists. But as often happens over humanity’s turbulent history, appearances can be deceitful.

“One man’s terrorist could well be another man’s freedom fighter. In any event, despite what the security agencies might feel, there is nothing to fear from Mazi Kanu.

“He and his compatriots are people who love their country dearly and are willing to take a risk with their lives while blowing a whistle on some of our bad habits.

” It will be a tragic mistake to treat them as common criminals. It is evident that they are fighting a cause millions consider entirely legitimate.

“Until our democracy learns to accommodate dissent, vigorous, robust, even if inconvenient, it will be incapable of serving our common good.”

By Mazi Edozie
For IPOB Writers



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