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Biafra: MEND's Abandonment Of Edwin Clarke’s PANDEF Is A Right Step In Right Direction

Movement For the Emancipation Of Niger Delta (MEND) dissociated itself from Pa Edwin Clarke’s PANDEF on 13th August, 2017. According to the spokesman for the group, Jomo Gbomo, in a press statement, said: “Our decision to abandon PANDEF stems from the commercial and political motives of the leaders and most of the members, who now see the platform as a means to bounce back financially and politically.”

Jomo Gbomo went further and elaborated why MEND took the urgent action to abandon PANDEF: “It is also as a result of the lie told by Chief Clark to State House correspondents after the PANDEF volte-face meeting with the Acting President on Thursday, August 3, 2017, where he said that MEND was part of the parley when the group was not represented.

“MEND has also lost confidence in the effete leadership of Chief Edwin Clark and HRH, King Alfred Diete-Spiff, who like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, still crave for power, wealth and pleasure to the detriment of developing the younger generation in leadership.”

In one of my articles early last year, I did call MEND ‘Movement For The Enslavement Of Niger Delta’ when they joined APC and abandoned Niger Deltans to their fate. Then, MEND was a political wing of APC government.

I may not have agreed with MEND in other things, but as for abandoning ‘Agadi Ekwe Nka’ (Edwin Clarke) and his group PANDEF gangs, they are sure of my one hundred percent support. At least for over two years now, I can confidently applaud MEND for thinking like a genuine freedom fighter and not partisan freedom fighter.

This is the beginning of the end of Edwin Clarke, he will regret ever attacking Nnamdi Kanu. Even his children will begin to disown him in no distance time. It has started with Niger Delta youths, next would be the new wife, and finally his entire family members will change their surname because of him.

MEND may have no connection with IPOB but as sane human beings they are not antagonistic to redemption songs. Nnamdi Kanu has taught people how to stand for their right and the fire has begun to grow from little flame to wildfire, from east to west, and from north to south.

When you visit these Niger Delta communities where Clarke and his cronies are coming from, you will feel like to jail all of them for life. These communities are the worst places a human being can survive, they drink from the same stagnant water where they defecate in. They don't have electricity nor other social amenities to better their lives. Then where is Edwin and his cronies pushing all the ill-gotten money collected from government? All the brown envelopes used in bribing them are sent to where?

When I visited Southern Ijaw, I cried. This was a journey of five hours from Yenagoa Waterlines, Bayelsa state. It took our speed boat approximately 5hrs to get to Koluoma-1 Ireland. After staying there for more than twenty-four hours, I felt like bombing every pipeline in Niger Delta. I said to myself: “may God punish any person that will condemn militancy in Niger Delta without providing solutions to this region”. That will be another topic for another day when I will be writing about “My journey to riverine communities”.

Clarke has failed his people. All these years, he has managed to manipulate any government in saddle but luck may have run out of him this time. His games are up.

The day I read news about Clarke calling for Kanu’s arrest was the day I said to myself: “this man's fame won't last more than four days before heaven and earth will start rejecting him”.

I want to use this opportunity to remind MEND that only what will save them is Biafra. The Nigerian government will start taking them seriously when they stand for something. As for now, politics of militancy may not be the solution, the only solution is joining forces with other Biafrans to demand for the restoration of sovereign state of Biafra. Militancy may give us today but cannot guarantee tomorrow.

I want to also warn my fellow Niger Deltans to dissociate themselves from all the lies peddled by the likes of Clarke, Late Elechi Amadi and other anti-Biafrans who were paid by the Nigerian government and Shell petroleum company. Those lies were divide-and-rule tactics employed by enemies of Biafrans to siphon their natural endowment.

Now that federal government of Nigeria has informed us that oil will finish in no distance time, what is our plan for future? What is our plan to clean our region? What is our plan to control the remaining oil at least to better our lives before the doomsday? What would be our gift to the next generation? Shall we eat today and die tomorrow?

Let us all work for Biafra restoration, for one of our adages said: “when a lizard runs without remembering to climb up to a tree, its pursuer will get hold of the lizard”. Biafra is our tree of life and we can not afford to run without climbing to that tree of life or Nigerian wicked forces both home and abroad will catch us.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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