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Asari Dokubo Blasts Charly Boy, Says It Is Only Biafra That Can Save Him (Video)

Photo of Asari Dokubo and Charlie Boy

By Mazi Edozie

The ex-militant leader, Asari Dokubo has blasted Charles Oputa popularly known Charly Boy for still believing in the failed state called Nigeria. He authoritatively spoke that it is only Biafra that can save him.

In a video clip broadcast on ORSU 24 News facebook page, the ex-militant turned Biafra supporter, amongst others, blasted Charly Boy saying that he is the worst fool ever.

He said, "When the issue of Biafra came out, CharlyBoy said he is not in support of Biafra; we(Biafra agitators) are rascals.

"A seventy(70) year old man, they teargas him, he fell, he fainted, he passed out!. He passed out - a 70year old man.

"But when their people came, police with all things, with everything, patrol vehicles, escorting them, and they were dancing and singing and abusing Charly Boy. But it's same Charly Boy that said our mumu don too much; Charlyboy, na your mumu na in too much! You are a mumu man.....they never show you say you be mumu?"

Recall that Charly Boy  convened a demonstration tagged "Our Mumu Don Too Much; Buhari Resume or Resign"

The demonstration went all well on the first day but the protesters met the oppressive, suppressive and abusive attributes of the Nigerian security operative, the police, who dispersed them with teargas

Watch the video below



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