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Anambra Terrorist Attack, The Nigeria Police Cover-Up And The Need For Biafra

On that fateful day, 6th August 2017, the worshippers at St Philip's Catholic Church, Ozubulu in Ekwuzigo Local government were gruesomely murdered by alleged Bokoharam members who struck the church on Sunday morning when the worshippers were praising their God, which was their right to freedom of worship.

Going by the reports on the ground, the death toll has risen above 20, others were seriously injured in the attack and they are currently receiving treatments in Nnamdi Azikiwe teaching hospital, Nnewi.

According to Anambra State commissioner of police, Mr Garba Baba Umar, the unknown gunmen were sent by an influential man in the village to go and kill his brothers and sisters worshipping their God. The commissioner went further to tell us that it was a drug dispute that they went to settle in the church.
This is just a farce.

Contrary to police reports, the pieces of information we gathered from the eye witnesses have it that the gunmen came inside the church early in the morning dressed in military uniforms and started shooting sporadically without sparing anyone.

Now let us relate the eye witnesses' account of the event and that of the commissioner of police. He (Garba Baba Umar) told us that the incident was a communal dispute and in the contrary, the eye witnesses said these gunmen short people without separating individual families.

We have a number of questions to ask the commissioner of police, Anambra State command:

Number one is: how possible is it for the Nigerian police to carry out an investigation within three hours and come to such conclusive press statement -  that the gunmen were sent by a village "big" man? Who is this "big" man?

Number two is: before now, had police raised any alarm that there was fracas in the village and that the dispute was leading to blood shed?

Number three is: how come the two villagers, who went to settle their matter in the church with guns and bullets instead of holy Bible, were not there when the shootings were going on?

Number four is: why didn't the commissioner of police arrest the big men they were referring to, does it mean that they are untouchable?

Number five is: why did the police commissioner rush to give press statement without going through a thorough independent investigation, at least giving the names of people involved in the dispute?

From the above analysis, it was a clear case of terrorist attack, and the government of Anambra State headed by Willie Obiano cum Nigerian police is trying to downplay the activities of Boko Haram, they want to douse the tension by endangering people's lives.

We are aware that Boko haram members were released recently from the Nigerian prison facility by high ranking military officials, some of the terrorists were exchanged for alleged Chibok girls. Nigerian government even paid them a huge amount of money and prisoners were swapped as a ransom for Chibok girls and since after their release, they have intensified attacks in Borno state and other parts of the North-east Nigeria. They have killed more than 30 UNIMAID oil workers, many villagers have been sacked from their ancestral land and villages set ablaze.

The current attack in Anambra state shouldn't be seen as a surprise because our people were warned. The leader of  the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, cried like a lone voice in the wilderness shouting “prepare, for they (Boko haram) are coming to attack us and they want to enthrone their caliphate by-fire-by-force” but some ‘One Nigerianists’ went ahead and said he was preaching hate speech. But what is happening today?

Igbos have conducted themselves in peaceful manners and contributed so much to the unity and development of Nigeria but we have been visited with venoms and scorpion poisons. Igbos have never waged war against any ethnic nationality in Nigeria. It is on record that Igbos cohabit with any character no matter how cruel or dubious that person may be.

In this phase of terrorist attacks, what do we do? Shall we watch and die slowly like helpless chicken? The answer is “No”. Then, what is the way out?

We must Boycott anything that has to do with the Nigerian government and its agents, including Anambra State Governor, Willy Willy.

Any Biafran, precisely Anambrarian, who steps out to vote on November 18th upcoming gubernatorial election, is voting for more deaths. He or she is voting for the annihilation of Igbo race, he or she is voting to make sure that Biafrans go into extinction.

We must Boycott every election in the Biafran land if we desire to have next generation, and we must start now to sensitise our people what is ahead and why they should brace up for bigger challenges coming in no distance time.

It is unfortunate that the Nigerian government conquered Ohaneze Ndigbo, turned them into the Ohaneze social club of Nigeria. Hausa-Fulani penetrated the apex body of Ndigbo and convinced them to condemn IPOB, after the 'job well done' by Ohaneze, what we now have is terrorists attack here and there.

We must state it clearly that Ohaneze is responsible for the killings of our people at their worshipping centre in Ozubulu. Every anger should be projected towards Ohaneze, they are sellouts.

We now have Bokoharam around us, we must develop eagle eyes and have a retentive memory that is greater than that of a snake.

We should also avoid listening to government propagandistic media such as Punch Newspaper who will doctor this terrorist attack reports and label it a communal dispute. Because our greatest enemies are those who misinform the members of the public. They are demonic agents sent by the Nigerian government to distort facts.

Arise O’ fellow Biafrans for the tasks ahead are tedious, hence, remaining united under the leadership of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) is indisputably the only guarantee for our freedom and safety.

May the souls of our brothers and sisters murdered by Obiano the chief murderer, terrorists Fulani-herdsmen, Boko haram terrorists, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police and Navy rest in the bosom of our God Chukwu Okike Abiama and may their spirits continue to torment the murderers so that justice shall prevail. Iseeh!

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers
Published by Jonas Rafeal



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