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The Call For The Arrest Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, A High Level Of Hypocrisy

The call by the Yoruba Youth Leader Prince Dapo Adepoju to arrest Nnamdi Kanu And tag IPOB a terrorist organization is not just a sign of cowardice on the side of the said Yuroba group, but shows how hypothetical many Yurobas are with the exception of the likes of Ayo Fayose and Femi Fani Kayode who had shown some level of truthfulness and sincerity.

Thousands of IPOB's were massacred by the Nigeria forces in Onitsha, Aba, Delta, Nkpor, Igweocha (Port Harcourt) and so many other parts of Biafra Land. These are Biafran youths who were marching peacefully. Prince Dapo and his cohorts had never protested nor written to any International Community to query the Nigerian Government over their deaths. Oh, I see the reason; it is because the lives of Biafrans are not regarded as lives that worth to be preserved.

This is evidence showing the world that we are not meant to remain with Hausa Fulani/Yoruba in the same entity as Nigeria. Yorubas can build Nigeria with Hausas and let Biafrans be.
The coalition of Yoruba Youths never uttered a word nor called for the arrest of Yerima who gave three months quit notice to exit their land. What a call! What an insincere and gullible way of reasoning?

 If I may ask, when has a call for freedom become the call for fracas? When has a call for emancipation become the call for eviction? When has the call for referendum become a call for war?

I thought Yorubas are educated? Or have they not taken their time to go through the United Nations' Charter of Indigenous People's right which Nigeria government is a signatory to? Price Dapo Adepoju must know that IPOB is in more than 100 countries of the world.  We are peaceful everywhere we are and the government of those countries are aware of our existence. Make your enquiries we are even given official bus in Turkey by the Turkish government and so many others.

We aren’t blabbing, our records are there to speak for us. Yerima called for eviction of Igbo's which he tagged Kaduna deceleration and Nnamdi Kanu called for a referendum to ascertain if we Biafrans want to remain in Nigeria or not, which obviously we are tired of and you want him to be arrested.
The damage of the first is still there and you want another arrest please hurry and arrest him to launch us into plan B quicker. This is enough evidence to show that Prince Adejoju is an educated illiterate, no wonder Yuroba land "Kwara State" was conquered and occupied by Hausa/Fulanis till date.
We dare the Nigeria government to arrest Nnamdi Kanu again and bring this disintegration and restoration of Biafra earlier than planned. Touch him and experience the events that will follow. God never stopped the devil from fashioning his weapons but the fact remains it won't prosper.

And should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, every weapon known to mankind will be used on Nigeria government no amount of pleas shall hold us back. I pray that the coalition of Yuroba youth may receive sense and respect themselves or dare us and face the consequence of playing major roles in the killing of 3.5million Biafrans.
This generation of Biafra is peaceful but we shouldn’t be pushed to the wall; We have something in our back. We shall stop at nothing to get Biafra. All we want is Biafra, not war but we should never run away from war if one is brought to us. God bless IPOB writers, God bless IPOB worldwide; God bless Nnamdi Kanu. And God bless the United States of Biafra and all those fighting for her freedom.

Written By Author Prince Chinonso Jacob for IPOB Writers.
Published by  Jonas Rafael



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