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Death Of Restructuring And The Temporary Survival Of  The ‘One Nigerianists’

On Wednesday, 26th July 2017 the Nigerian senate voted against the implementation of resource control and devolution of power to state governments.

Remember that there has been a call from some sections of Nigeria to return power to state governments and for the full autonomy of resource control.

The hopes and aspirations of these ‘One Nigerianists’ or people I normally call ‘Nigeria protagonists’ were dashed by the Nigerian Senate on Wednesday. Their hope for what they called ‘a better Nigeria’ was thrown into the lagoon by Nigeria capitalists and cabals. The Nigerian senate shattered their bones like an angry lioness.

Before now, Ohaneze social club of Nigeria (OSCN), has been championing Restructuring Mantra. People like Nnia Nwodo, the present President of Ohaneze adult wing went as far as selling “restructuring” like roadside sachet water hawkers.

Ohaneze youth wing wasn't exempted, they even held a joint communique with a notorious assassin who assassinated Kudirat Abiola, Al Mustapha. Isiguzoro, the leader of Ohaneze youth wing also went as far as singing ‘One Nigeria’ song like a loosed parrot.

The “We Niger Deltans” was not left behind in the confusion state. The hope of gaining control over their God given wealth has met a Waterloo.

Afenifere, a Yoruba socio-cultural organisation also went into limbo. Their restructuring poem was led to rest by a set of rogue senators and evil cabals of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The people of Benue state that were hoping on restructuring nearly committed suicide yesterday. Their case is worse, the Fulani-herdsmen has turned their women into sex dolls and their men have been very attractive in shooting practice.

People of Southern Kaduna don't know what tomorrow may bring. Some of them who put their hope in the zoo restructuring are currently running amok. Due to incessant killings of the Indigenous southern Kaduna people, their larger populace seemed to have lost hope in Nigeria even before now.

The only people who were not perturbed by the Nigerian senate demonstrations were the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The Indigenous people of Biafra were aware of the fabrics Nigerian senate was made of. Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra even warned Ohaneze and other one Nigerianists that Nigeria does not exist in the first place let alone to call it a dead country.

IPOB has been campaigning for a FREE-BIAFRA state from the current contraption called Nigeria. Ohaneze and other Nigerian protagonist condemned it, laughed and even supported the killings of peaceful IPOB protesters by the happy-trigger Nigerian military apparatus.

One may ask: “how do Ohaneze, some Niger Deltans, middle belt and Yorubas think that a Senate populated by Hausa-Fulanis will allow the positive restructuring of Nigeria?”

I have done a forensic analysis on this issue of Restructuring, it is like stopping a breastfeeding child from sucking breast. To an average Hausa-Fulani man, Restructuring means the same thing as separation or even worse than separation.

An average Hausa-Fulani man will rather accept disintegration of Nigeria than Restructuring. He (Hausa-Fulani) knows that the only thing that binds Nigerians together is crude oil. If you remove crude oil, what is left off is a fragmented Nigeria.

Resource control will deprive Hausa-Fulani of having access to Biafran land oil. Truly, it could have been a disaster for the North if they lose oil and lose their caliphate values. So Restructuring is dead on arrival.

What if Nigeria disintegrates? Hausa-Fulani will lose oil but their caliphate values will remain intact. They will freely marry underage girls without hindrance. Sharia code of conduct will reign supreme.

From the available data, it would be illogical to persuade Hausa-Fulani to accept nonsense Restructuring. Therefore, Ohaneze ‘Ndi Oshi’ and ‘One Nigerianists’ should better go back to their drawing board.

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate Northern senators for stepping up the game, they have proved that really they're professionals in the political games while their counterparts are chasing shadows.

Biafrans should from today henceforth relegate Ohaneze to the dustbin of history. They are money mongers. They are amateurs in the scheme and reality of things. They shouldn't be granted interviews again because they are not in touch with reality. In short, Ohaneze belongs to the archives.

Yes, Ohaneze called Nnamdi Kanu ‘a small boy’, what is then happening to the ‘big boys’? I thought the size of one's head determines its brain capacity? I never knew ‘One Nigerianists’ cum Ohaneze could be so gullible to even suggest a restructuring to spoon-feed the Hausa-Fulanis.
It is Biafra, Biafra, Biafra.

By Chinedu Solomon
Published by Jonas Rafael


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