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Biafra: God Did Not Create Nigeria, Federick  Lugard Did

Threatened by the steady call and increased pressure to renegotiate the existence of Nigeria as a country, elites who lacked strong argument to keep hold to their empire have resorted to cheap propaganda; using God as an escape route to postpone the impending doom day. 

It is either that these elites who use God's name in vain lacked history or they are mischievous. Even the Bible admonished us in the book of Exodus 20:7 that we shouldn't call God's name in vain.

On the 16th of July, 2017 Dogara: the current speaker of House of Representatives spoke during a thanksgiving service on Sunday, at His Elect Christian Assembly Church, Nyanya, Abuja .

Yakubu Dogara was quoted as saying: ” But if you want to know the purpose of a thing, you have to go back to the manual, and who puts the manual together?

” It’s the manufacturer, so I would challenge them to go back to the manufacturer of Nigeria, who is God so that we can get the manual for Nigeria.

“If we were a mistake, maybe during the first civil war, this country would have disintegrated but God decided to keep this country one and God has never made a mistake ” .

This sermon delivered by Yakubu Dogara is not unconnected to the recent calls made by well meaning Nigerians and members of the international community who have mounted pressure on the Federal Government Of Nigeria to organise a people's referendum where different components of Nigeria will decide either to stay or exit the Nigerian union. 

One of those respected individuals is Prof Wole Soyinka: a literary icon and noble laureate awardee, who reinstated his call for the renegotiation of the Nigerian state.

Soyinka made the call on 14th July, 2017 while delivering a public lecture in Bayelsa state. He said: “Anything is negotiable, the right for people to determine their future is what is non-negotiable. Most nations came to being through negotiation.”

Also, when he (Soyinka) was asked to discuss the disintegration of Nigeria, the Nobel laureate said: “My response is simple. We must stop confusing and mixing up the argument, we are mixing up the argument. It is very unfortunate for our leaders to say that the question of breaking up or not breaking up should not arise in the first place. It all sounds hypocritical, dogmatic and dictatorial. The statement is the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable, now that to me, is a falsititude.”

Yakubu Dogara like any other looting elite was uncomfortable with the renewed calls to right the wrongs of 1914 which Soyinka is canvassing for. Renegotiating Nigeria's existence means an end to their looting of Biafran wealth. 

Unarguably, Nigeria came into existence in the year 1914 and got her independence in 1960. Lugard in his author biography never told us that God created Nigeria, rather he said Nigeria was his creation which was synthesized by amalgamation of the then southern and northern protectorates.

The newly and only argument that is being propelled by corrupt elites is “God created Nigeria”. It has become their last resort in an attempt to preserve British cum Uthman Danfodio estate. 

The painful part of it is that most of these elites who hold this argument of Nigeria and God are Christians. Yakubu Dogara is a Christian from the Northern part of Nigeria. He calls God's name in vain even on the pulpit. 

We want to educate the youths who are victims of history censorship. GOD DID NOT CREATE NIGERIA, LUGARD DID. Nigeria was created by Scottish mafia in the person of Fredrick Lugard in the year 1914.

The name ‘Nigeria’ was coined by Flora Shaw, the mistress of lugard. The ugliest side of it is she gave Nigeria her name when they were both drunk. The name ‘Nigeria’ was a product of whiskey and fornication. 

Youths should also know that the Nigerian government removed history from school in order to rewrite the history leading to, during, and after the inception of Nigeria. History that exposes her ugly image of murder and genocide committed against Biafrans during 1967-70 genocidal war. 

Following the recent events, Nigerian elites will have to get ready for Biafra referendum because their last lie has been debunked. The lies they peddled for years have been dismantled with truth. The supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started the dismantling processes and followed by other good Nigerians.

History favours Biafran people and we will build a nation that will be a case study for democracy, progress, technology, rule of law, human rights, transparency, good market, peace and unity. 

Written by Chinedu Solomon
Edited by O. E Williams
Published by Mazi Collins 
For IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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