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A Clarion Call For The Southerners To Unite As Their Common Enemy, The Hausa-Fulanis, Eject All Biafrans

Nigeria has remained a country where the Northerners kill any Southerner with impunity, because, till this day, the whole South has not in unison seen the North as a common enemy of the whole South; an enemy which must be fought against with synergised efforts of the whole South, and not just a section of it.

The British government consciously staged an undeclared but inevitable war on 1st January 1914 when it, because of the poverty in the north, forcefully joined the Northern and Southern protectorates in an unholy marriage.

Prior to the time of the amalgamation, there were no squabbles, misunderstandings, riots, pogroms, ethnic cleansing or genocide of today's magnitude recorded between the North and the South.

After the amalgamation, gradually, the crisis started showing up and such led to the unprovoked massacre of the Southerners, especially the Igbos in the northern part of Nigeria. The killings gradually increased after the independence of Nigeria from her colony. A Time when the poor North were given the political power to wield Nigeria wherever they choose after a rigged census pronounced them to be more populated than others.

Since then the North mustered the temerity to kill anyone that stands their way. They kill for political reasons as well as religious.

The South comprises of those that are identified as the Oduduwas and Biafrans.

The Oduduwas are those that occupy the Western part of the present day Nigeria whereas the Biafrans are occupying the south south and south-east of the present day Nigeria.

Oduduwa nation and Biafran nation have both been victims of the reinforced brutality of the North which is composed of Hausa and Fulani.

The Hausa people are naturally peace-loving people. But the same can not be said of the Fulanis.

The Fulanis were not the original owners of northern Nigeria but in what I call gradual-systematic migration, with the jihads that accompanied it, the Fulani invaded the Hausa kingdom from the 14th century to the year 1774 when Shehu Usman Danfodio was born to finally win Hausa kingdom from 2nd Feb, 1804 to 1808 in a jihad he led against the Hausas hence established Sokoto Caliphate which became, in 19th century, one of the largest States in Africa.

Having conquered the Hausa kingdom in a jihad and subsequently established Sokoto as a caliphate, in dominance over Hausa, the Fulanis believe that they can dominate the Southerners in the present day Nigeria.

They are doing everything possible to make sure that they conquer the South, including using Boko Haram and Herdsmen. Hence the South is not expected to fold their arms in this face of political dominance.

Although, above 70% of the unrest, be it political or religious, recorded in Nigeria is engineered and executed by the Fulanis, the Hausas can not be excluded from the North to be fought against since a proverb says "in cutting off the head, the ears that refused to hear, will join". Since the Hausa allowed themselves to be conquered by the hegemonic Fulanis and as a result are now minority, the Southerners will not pity them(Hausa) in their(South's) own fight for freedom.

But the challenge South is facing is the problem of unification. The South is yet to unify in their fight against their common enemy.

Before the South can unify in this fight against their common enemy, they first need to agree and know the fact that the Fulanis are the problem of Nigeria and consequentially the Jonah in the peaceful boat of the South.

After such knowledge of their common enemy has sunk down, the South should come up with the question, "how do we conquer this common enemy?"

In fighting against an enemy, different people can adopt different approaches, some armed while others could be peaceful, but the methodology I proffer in this piece is not one that involves bloodletting rather I advocate a bloodless referendum which is an internationally recognized and accepted method which allows people vote and choose their fate in a democracy.

The only way the South can escape Fulani's hegemony is by living in their own separate States.

It is true that once a person becomes a slave, the best thing that can happen to him is freedom. No matter what you offer him, freedom is the best for him whether he knows it or not.

The British made the South slaves to the North and since then, the Fulanis, who are hegemons in the North, have exercised dominance over the whole South, to the extent that the Fulanis would mastermind the beheading of the likes of Gideon Akaluka, in broad daylight and nothing happened. No arrests, no prosecution. And the chief masterminder is still free working about and has even been rewarded with Emir-ship.

The question comes, "if Southerners were the ones committing such atrocities (both mentioned and unmentioned) against the North(Fulani), would the North be law abiding as the South has been? The answer is NO.

Therefore, in this fight against the Fulanis, the whole South should come to the common position that the North should constitute their own Government and let the South be.

In doing that, the Oduduwa should shake Nigeria's Fulani with agitations to leave Nigeria just as Biafrans are doing.

As  the saying goes, "one stick of broom is easier to break than a bunch" and "combined urination produces much leather".
This implies that when different ethnic groups genuinely agitate to leave Nigeria just as Biafrans are doing, the world will be aware that the South is  tired of the failed Nigerian state hence the international community will wade in faster than it does now.

Both advocacy and activist groups should rise up and be sponsored to stage protest, not just against Hausa-Fulani, but against the failed Nigerian state.

The protest should be against the illegal existence of the Nigerian state, for Nigeria's extinction as a state is long overdue.

Such groups should put up valid  arguments as to why Nigeria's existence as a single state should be negotiated.

Because around the world today, the States constitutions allow periodic checks, mostly in a referendum, to determine whether the constituent parts are willing to continue as a single entity or separate entities. Scotland in the United Kingdom will soon be granted such opportunity again.

But in Nigeria, not only were those that are called Nigerians today forced together against their will at the onset, but they are forced to coexist as a single entity in defiance to their right, which should have been a universal one, to decide their fate.

Countries are formed by conquest or through referendum. I can not say that the British conquered Nigerians with arms and bullets nor consulted among the people, in a referendum, to ascertain whether it's their collective wish to coexist. Rather they manipulatively conquered their brains by making Nigerians see the British as gods.

In her imperialist experimentation, Britain, through Flora Shaw, in an unpremeditated intoxication, probably after taking some sweet fresh Palm wine, spewed a nomenclature (Niger Area) which is a geographical expression harbouring people who are not allowed to determine their indigenous political fates.

Unfortunately, the indigenous people in the South, who grew up to see the way Nigeria is presently constituted, and how destructive that constitution has been, have made insignificantly no attempts to correct the ills in the structure, apart from the failed attempts of the Eastern part made by Ojukwu.

The Westerners have been cold on their feet and resolve to join hands with the Easterners to fight their collective enemy. In what would have led to their collective freedom from the brutality of the Fulanis, the Westerners declined to utilise such opportunity Ojukwu boldly offered, instead they joined hands with Hausa-Fulani to starve and massacre millions of Biafrans. It was really unfortunate!

Had Oduduwa kept neutral in that genocidal war against their fellow Southerners, they themselves would have been enjoying their own freedom without much effort. What a regret now!

This makes the Biafrans, in their relationships with Oduduwa, to tag them as ungrateful saboteurs and cowards.

Such caps fitted their heads in the past but I can not say same of them today. Because one thing is constant, and that is CHANGE.

One thing that I think that really affected the Oduduwa's support of Ojukwu, although an insignificant number supported him, was the fact that their elites were and somehow are still being taken as demigods.

But in today's Oduduwa nation, I think crops of bold activists are emerging as Gov. Ayodele Fayose, current Ekiti state governor, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister, and others have consistently stood against injustices meted against people in Nigeria.

Their stand against evil and support for legal agitation like Biafra's prove that change is only constant and that they see their fathers' role in the genocidal war against Biafrans as a mistake.

During the court appearance when Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader, was granted the conditional bail, the dual mentioned above were seen in the court declaring their support and solidarity with Nnamdi Kanu, an act which no Igbo Governor was bold enough to do.

This goes to show that the Oduduwas can be bold when they choose and, therefore, can join forces with the Easterners to liberate themselves from their common enemy, Hausa-Fulani.

Now that the Northern hegemons have given a 3month ultimatum to Igbos to vacate their(northern) empire, it is undoubtedly the aptest opportunity that Southern Nigeria should not miss at all.

Let the Yoruba brethren tow the path of Biafrans: gather and organise themselves and make their weariness with the continued existence of the murderous state of Nigeria known to the world and hence speak out on the need for the international community to waste no time in wading into the situation in Nigeria and organise a referendum for the people to choose where they wish to be, to avoid catastrophes long brewing but now certainly imminent.

Because Hausa-Fulani must carry out their announced threats since there will be no retribution, with regard to bloodletting when they do. Everyone is aware of that.

Since  everyone is aware that there has not been any arrest, prosecution or punishment given to any Northerner in all Hausa-Fulani outrages and crimes against supposed fellow countrymen, it is only prudent to make this clarion call to Southerners to prepare for the inevitable by doing the needful(uniformly calling for a referendum) because Fulani animals with human faces must carry out their threats and the government of their brother, Gen. Muhamadu Buhari, the archgenocidist and congenital dictator, will only support them with guns and bullets.

This should not be a time when only one or two persons from Oduduwa nation will be defending their nation on the pages of the media but it is a time when actions should speak louder than voice.

Therefore, let the whole South unite and agitate for their freedom from Fulani hegemony and there will be, not only peace and safety but development in the regions afterwards. A word is enough for the wise!

Author:  O. E Williams



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