Friday, June 2, 2017. 13:12GMT
South-East Development Bill Rejected In The Senate Due To The Northerners' Hatred And Animosity

The House of Representative was, Thursday, thrown into a rowdy session after members, particularly those of the northern region disagreed on a bill seeking to establish the South-East Development Commission over its timing, leading to it being stepped down.

The lawmakers who disagreed argued that much consultations were not carried out before the bill was presented to the house.

The development which angered the South-East lawmakers saw them immediately voicing their displeasure over the development.

The South-East Development Commission if established would be charged with the responsibility, among other things, to receive and manage fund from allocation of the Federation Account for the development, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of roads, houses and other infrastructure, as well as tackle the menace of poverty, ecological problems and any other related environmental or developmental challenges in the South-East and South-south states and for other related matters (HB 915).

While leading the debate on the bill, Honourable Chukwuka Onyema said the commission is one of unity and inclusiveness and has the potential to douse all tension and agitations in the South-East and South-South region.

However, when the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara put the question, the naysayers got the majority and it was stepped down.
This is the reason why the SE/SS region will remain infrastructurally stifled from the federal government funding while other regions like the Northern and South Western regions will continue to enjoy the full federal government fundings for their infrastructural development.

The agitation for an independent State of Biafra is high on the agenda in the SE/SS region because of this injustice and federal government marginalisation.

By Anthony Ogbonna


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