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Quit Notice: Biafrans in the North should return home now and fight for Biafra

Biafrans protest with flags and placards

The British contraption and evil amalgamation of 1914 called "Nigeria" is a failed state. A failed state is that state which cannot provide basic amenities to it citizens.

In Nigeria today, six hours of electricity is as having the cow horn passed through a needle hole. The roads are bad, no good water, no quality education, no quality health care services for the people. All government institutions are dead.

The law enforcement agencies are so corrupt to the point that a police officer would stand on the highway and openly extort money from the motorists without recourse to the law. The army, air force e.t.c kill Nigeria citizens at will. They carry out this actions consciously and deliberately because the government itself has no sense of responsibility and doesn't obey the law.

The government of Nigeria controlled by the evil British government have no respect for human life in Nigeria because the only ethnic group in Nigeria whose life matters to the government is the north, and Fulani herdsmen in particular.

This section of people holds their Islamic religion so dearly and have the full support of the Nigeria government to islamize Nigeria and make her an Islamic state. This project is been systematically carried out by the Fulani herdsmen as ordered by Buhari government. They go about killing and destroying their victim's farms, all in the name of raring cows.

This barbaric, cruel and inhuman treatment of other ethnic groups who are their victims has led to the risen of the Spirit of the Biafra restoration.

Fifty years ago Sir Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu prophesied that BIAFRA is a spirit and will rise up some day in the future. That spirit has risen through our one and only leader Mazi NNAMDI KANU, the ohamadike of Igbo land. He has fearlessly reawakened the Biafran spirit in all Igbos and her sister states who share the same culture, religion, and lifestyle with us. The call for our freedom is gaining momentum and some reasonable countries like Israel, Turkey etc have identified with us and recognized our struggle. Fortunately for us, the northern youths have joined the call for our fundamental human right of self-determination to be respected.  They have even given the Igbos who reside in their land (North) to return to their own eastern states before October 1st or face death.

Therefore, i plead with my fellow Igbo brothers and sisters who reside and do businesses or work in the north to obey this ultimatum and return home for the sake of their lives. Life is sacred, life is more precious than gold, nothing is worth exchanging with human life. Get up my people and take what you can afford to take and return home please. The international law is their to protect what you can't take home as far as you have the original documents with you.

Do not trust the northern governors for protection. If the Nigeria government and your own eastern governors could not protect your brothers and sisters at home from the blood sucking Fulani herdsmen, why would you think that their northern counterparts would protect you from the hands of their own sons and brothers? Ijiji na anagi anu ihe na eso ozu aba na ala.

In my opinion, i opine that we ignore our irrelevant eastern governors and fight for ourselves. I do not expect them to publicly support the Biafra restoration struggle because they are under oath in Nigeria, so if they do so, they will be impeached, or the president may declare a state of emergency which will lead to the military taking over government houses in the east. Then the cruel and blood sucking Nigeria army will kill our people more and rape our women at will. We will suffer more than we are experiencing now.

My stake is that we must ignore our irresponsible, disgusting and irrelevant governors and use every means available to us to fight and restore our beloved land of the rising sun (BIAFRA).
It is we, not the governors who have betrayed even their family members and sabotage our efforts on daily basis will secure BIAFRA. BIAFRA must come soonest, all hands must be on deck. BIAFRA is our only hope, home, country and asset as humans. Rise up folks, fight to secure your future and the future of your children.

Join the nearest IPOB family, let us push more together, the time is now, BIAFRA nation is here. The British contraption called Nigeria(aka, de zoo) must fall, and the blessed land of justice, peace, development and love (BIAFRA) will rise na aha chukwuokike abiama.....iseeeeeeee

Written By Bro Christian Ijeomah
Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB Writers.



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