Monday, June 26, 2017. 12:55GMT
Hausa/Fulani Youths Insist On Igbos Leaving The North As They Adhere To Their Quit Notice

Fools dance where angels fear to thread their feet, Make haste while the sun shines. While the day is still bright the owner of black sheep must find his sheep before it is dark. Arewa youths have spoken, asking all Igbos (meaning all Biafrans) to leave their region. Many politicians called it propaganda while some said it is inciting. But the fact is that the Arewa Youths are just expressing their God-given right of free expression as it is enshrined in the United Nation's charter, the same right our leader Nnamdi Kanu exercised and he was locked up for nearly two years.
A fake arrest warrant was issued by El Rufai - the Kaduna State governor, but up till this very moment, no arrest had been made.

What exactly do the Igbos want to see before they start moving out of the North? As 1st October ultimatum draws closer, these blood sucking northern youths keep hammering harder on their declaration. My Igbo brothers there is a popular saying in Igbo language " ukpana okpoko gburu okwa nti chiri ya" meaning, it is better to make haste will the sun still shines.

Forget the fake arrest warrant, forget about the promises being given to you by the Northern governors. forget about the promises and the belief that the United Nations will save you while you are still in the Northern Territory because before any help could emerge, you are already six feet down.  Remember the this happened to our people before in 1966. Exactly the same promises of protection, but hundreds of thousands of our people were butchered with impunity.

Make a wise decision and return home now. But if you refuse to give heed to this call, you will be slaughtered in the middle of the night while you are asleep. You will be massacred just like before, prior to 1967 civil war. Never you forget about the Kaduna massacre, never forget Kano massacre. How they killed our people and pack them in a train before sending them down to the East.

Fear not about your properties, pick the things you can and relocate the ones that are moveable.

Have your "C of O" (Certificate Of Ownership) intact, approach any mortgagee bank, insurance company or any bank to insure your land, companies, houses etc.
You will have yourselves to blame if you do not act now.

Believe me when Biafra is restored, with your documents your properties are always yours or simply collect loan worth of your investment using your property as a collateral. Ndi Igbo murunu anya. Biafrans, open your eyes and learn from history!
It is now or never.

To all the Biafran Governors, House of Rep. members, senators etc., it is your duty to call for a referendum now. I hope you all understand that you are all irrelevant now because it is no longer business as usual.

If you refuse to call for a referendum now, you and your families will regret eternally for why you didn't. Your private jets can never save you in any country you will run to because we are already there waiting for you.

So it will be suicidal for you to keep mute, we demand that you call for a referendum which is more democratic than war. We are not bluffing, we told you this before now that if you refuse to give us Biafra, Somalia will be heaven compared to this contraption "Nigeria". To all the South-eastern governors, senators etc., Nnamdi Kanu is our senators, our governors and our representatives compiled in one. Only an order from our leader Nnamdi Kanu shall we obey because we are under one solemn oath to restore Biafra. So if you refuse to call for a referendum like I said we will eat you and your family up.

We have come to get Biafra and we will use any means diplomatically, professionally, fanatically to restore Biafra.  I want to let you all understand that we deserve the right to exist, so we have the right to defend ourselves even if it means going nuclear. The only thing we eat is Biafra, the only air we breath is Biafra and the only peace we seek is Biafra. Every one of us must only die but once. There will be no lives in us without Biafra.

God bless Biafra. God bless the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and God bless Nnamdi Kanu, our supreme leader and all lovers of freedom all over the world.
All hail Biafra.

By Prince Chinonso Jacob. 
For IPOB Writers.



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