Friday, June 9, 2017. 22:50GMT

Military Court Sentences Soldier To Death For Killing Suspected  Boko Haram Terrorist

The Army General Court Martial in Borno State today sentenced a soldier, identified as Lance Corporal Hillary Joel, to death for killing a suspected Boko Haram terrorist.

The condemned soldier was found guilty of killing the suspected terrorist during a cordon and search operation by the army in Damboa Local Government Area of Borno State. Lance Joel allegedly set the suspect ablaze, leading to his death.

Other soldiers who were tried along with him were handed different sanctions including jail terms and demotions.

We could recall that the Nigeria soldiers have been kidnapping,  killing, maiming and torturing Biafrans with impunity and there has never been any of them court-martialed. Instead, they are always protected by the Nigeria government.
Here, the Nigeria government has handed down a death sentence to a soldier that killed a suspected Boko Haram terrorist.  We should think twice when talking about one Nigeria.



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