Thursday, June 15, 2017. 22:54GMT
Kaduna To Introduce Residency Permit Card

The Kaduna State Government on Wednesday announced the introduction of residency card for all its residents to enable it to plan and provide social services.

The state's Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Alhaji Muhammad Abdullahi, told newsmen that the initiative was crucial for planning purposes.

He spoke shortly after he registered for his residency card at the North-West Zonal Office of the National Identity Card Management Commission in Kaduna.

He said, "The Kaduna State Government is currently providing a number of free social services for the people in the state. But to achieve the desired impact, we need to have the accurate figure of those residing in the state. We need to know who and who resides in our state.

"When we know the number of people residing in the state and where they are, it will help us to plan and provide better services for all residents."

He said people would soon be required to present their residency cards before they could access such services.

"Kaduna State is open to everyone due to its strategic location, geographically, economically and politically.

"But if you are going to stay in the state beyond 180 days, you would be required to register and obtain our residency card.

"This is very important not only in planning but also in ensuring security. We gathered that most of the security issues we are having in the state are caused by people from other states," he said.


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