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Igbo Quit Notice:   South East Governors Forum Press Statement: an Act of Cowardice

South East Governors Forum

We'll take a little time to digest this cowardly statement emanating from South East Governors Forum whose Chairman is Engr. David Nweze Umahi, the current governor of Ebonyi state.

Their communique ranged from one to nine but we won't discuss all. We'll just deal with number four, seven and eight for time sake.

Number four of their communique reads thus “The South East Governors Forum has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to and preference for the existence of a virile, united, prosperous and progressive Federal Republic of Nigeria where justice, fairness, equity, mutual respect and equality of opportunity to all citizens regardless of creed, ethnicity or gender will reign supreme under the inflexible rule of law. We have had occasion recently to take this position publicly in response to the agitative but peaceful actions of some Igbo youth. We will continue to take a similar stance in response to any action that might threaten the cohesiveness of this nation or designed to cause its rupture.”

The above statement may sound diplomatic to some extent but weighing it in its totality depicts cowardice! If the type of Nigeria they (governors) yearned for isn't coming even in next 500yrs, what stops them from pressuring Senators to move motion for peaceful referendum?

For how long shall we allow this saboteurs to scale-through in their bid to keep we Biafrans in perpetual slavery?

We all knew very well that Breakup of Nigeria is going to affect South East governors’ illegal financial exorbitancy but are we going to sacrifice the future of over seventy million people because of negligible number of elites? The answer is “No!”.

The second incompetency and display of cowardice is number seven of their communique which reads thus “We call on all our Igbo sons and daughters resident in Northern Nigeria to go about their lawful daily engagements without fear of intimidation, hindrance or molestation”.

This is where I want our people to be very careful with these hired assassins which portray themselves as South East governors. They lacked history. They only know how to drink excessive alcohol and use some of our university young girls for sexual gravitations.

These looter-governors heard that those who gave Igbos ultimatum to leave Northern Nigeria were still parading the streets without being arrested and even their secretary, Shetima spoke on channel's television sunrise daily this morning, police and DSS were watching him without doing anything.

These governors have forgotten how Igbos where slaughtered in Northern Nigeria like Sallah rams during 1966 pogrom. Who in his normal senses will advise any Southerner to stay in Northern Nigeria till October 1st, 2017? That person must be under a serious spell.

We should be reminding our people who are still living in Northern Nigeria to know that even Emir cannot save them. Those Almajiri they do aid to feed, cloth and dash money will be the first to behead them when the time comes.

Now isn't time for grammar, it's a time to speak in low-level languages in which our people can understand, interpret, compile and execute.

One of those low-level language is a video of one beautiful Igbo girl who was born and nurtured in Kano, Northern Nigeria.

The video surfaced on YouTube today, the girl said it all. His father's pharmacy shop was set ablaze by the same people they called Northern brothers and sisters. Her family members nearly lost their lives if not for the divinely intervention of Chukwu Okike (God the creator), through one of their neighbours who was asleep but suddenly woke up from sleep and found out that their house had been surrounded by barbarians who chanted blood-sucking songs. The man started shooting on air before the youths could took to their heels.

Still on South East Governors’ press statement, the last straw that broke the camel's back was their number eight communique which follows thus “The rumours being peddled on conventional and social media platforms that we, the Governors of the South East, have met and agreed to mobilize vehicles and cash for the repatriation of Nd’Igbo resident in northern Nigeria must be disregarded, as they are nothing but tissues of lies. No amount of provocation would lead us to such a precipitate and irresponsible action at this time. Those exploiting such vacuous tittle-tattle as a basis for divisive rhetoric in public spaces are simply playing juvenile politics and we urge them to cease and desist”.

The above statement is irresponsible! Does it mean that South East governors cannot show love to their people living in danger zone?

Let's assume that they weren't the people who gave such impression of mobilizing buses to return our people, and if it happens to be necessary to do so, would they still sound like nervous kids?

From unset we knew that they're weaklings; don't have balls to stand fame and save their people. As a matter of fact these impostors were planted by Nigerian government, we didn't vote for them, our votes ware manipulated by INEC and federal government.

Can we forget a saying that said “when one door closes another one opens”?

Chisco transport has offered a free ride to return our people to Biafran land and we've seen the implementation which see to safe return of some Imolites yesterday.

Eyes should be very close to these demonic agents called governors for them not to interfere with this good gesture coming from a loving brother, Chisco Transport ‘Jideofor’.

Northern elders including house of Rep members have come out to support Northern youths’ Kaduna Declaration ultimatum to send Igbos back to Biafran land by fire by force. Why is it taking our governors time to consider relocating and reparating their people?

To be frank, most of these governors were people whose mothers ran to Northern Nigeria after the Civil War and were impregnated by Almajiris. Blood is thicker than water, Igbos don't have cowardice as a thread.

While some of them are ‘sardine children’ whose mothers allowed themselves to be raped by uncircumcised Hausa-Fulani soldiers during sardine sharing after the Biafra genocidal war of 1967-70.

When Nigerian government hijacked relief materials brought in by missionaries at the end of Civil War, Soldiers ceased the items and started trading it for sex, before they gave it to a woman, that woman must be sexually molested and along the lines some of these governors came into existence.

There's hope! we'll bend these governors to our terms and conditions, 30th May 2017 sit-at-home is one of the most potent weapons we can use to disarm this federal government’s surrogates.

I encourage Biafrans to continue to be loyal to our one and only leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He has our mandate and can never mislead us.

As for the wicked South East governors, their reigning days are numbered. Their reigning time is like night period, soonest, the day will break and the sun shall rise from the east.

Biafrans, come back home! Nobody loves you more than your people, and remember a saying that says “when a lifeless body starts smelling, friends and well wishers will run away but kindred and family members can never run”.

Authored by Chinedu Solomon

Edited by O.E. Williams

For IPOB writers


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