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Igbo Quit Notice: Hausa-Fulani Hostility to Biafrans calls for Referendum

Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi

I earlier opined that the Northerners will be intellectually depressed when Biafrans are gone but it seems that people are not getting my point. Now let me buttress it, judging by the recent happenings ranging from May 30th seat at home to Kaduna deceleration "quick notice to Biafrans living in the North from 1st October by Arewa youths. Every educated and sound thinking individual understand that self-determination is not a call for war.

Every well schooled and a proponent of democracy understands very much that in a democratic country which Nigeria claimed to be one.

The term referendum is the ability of the electorate or set of people to vote and choose what and how they want things to be done or are the Northerners trying to detect for us how we must feel or where we must be when they have killed us, insulted/assaulted us to the extent that everything bad is from Igbo Biafrans.

They touted us on a daily basis, you mock us every day, you marginalized us in every area of governance yet you want us to remain with you? The worst evil is the gradual implementation of their Sharia law, which they have long imbedded into the constitution, for example, If you are a Christian from the South and resides in the North once you committed a sin of adultery you will be tried under Sharia law, is this not double standard constitution under one Nigeria that is a supposed secular state fully functioning under a sharia law, Why not let us be since you didn't see anything Good in us?.

Yes, you used our fathers like slaves but now make no such mistakes about us.
We are wiser and ever determined now than ever and no going back.  I never knew that there is no academia from the North.

I didn't know that Islamic education had taken away every sense of reasoning from these cows. I never believed that Northerners have no guru to enlighten them about what self-determination and referendum, stands for. It is now so glaring for the civilized countries of the world to see that truly Northerners are morons and blood sucking vampires who see every peaceful agitation for self-determination as a call for war.

And these are the same Baboons and monkey that Britain wants us to remain with? People that only understands the language of murder, regardless of who yu are.

I ask these northern swains "So you do not understand simple grammar” The Biafrans want to live alone and be left alone, we are not taking over your Nigeria we are taken our destiny into our hands.

A sovereign state of Biafra that is what we are asking for. I want the civilized countries to have the insight of the reason why they don't want us to go.

Firstly, An average Hausa Fulani man is Lazy, aside from rearing of animals they can't do any other job aside from killing that is why they mask their laziness in one Nigeria. If you think is a lie persuade Nigeria government to call for a referendum and see if our people are truly in support of Biafra.

Secondly, the Northerners want our resources and want us to remain their slaves in this 21st century just like they did to our forefathers. I want the Northern youths to prove me wrong by democratically push for separation of this entity which was forcefully merged.

I want them to show high level of intelligent by supporting the quest for Biafra referendum to settle this once and for all not calling for war against Biafrans that will extend beyond the shores of Africa and European countries when it starts, I want them to understand that this is not 18century Fox movie rather this is 21century call for Referendum. God bless Biafra and all fighting for her freedom.

Written By Prince Chinonso Jacob 

For IPOB writers.

(This article was edited and published by IPOB writers) 



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