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BIAFRA: Why Biafra is the trigger of the world's peace and economy, UN a saboteur body

The Biafra flag

When the Saharan wind blows, the wise ones position windbreakers around their houses else they will lay their roofs bare to the wind to cause havoc.

The havoc and pandemonium that IPOB has caused the Nigerian government via their SIT-AT-HOME exercise as ordered by their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on the 30th of May 2017 can never be healed or over emphasized from generation to generation in the history of Nigeria.

Having adopted the most tactful and successful means of avoiding bloodshed in Biafra Land by the Nigerian military and Police, the world has come to know how resolute the Biafrans are in their quest to restore their stolen land back, therefore THREATS have started to emerge as a mark of frustration, as seen by the threat coming from Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF).

It baffles every right thinking mind that since 2015 that the killing of IPOB members under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started unabated by the Nigerian military and Police cum DSS, the United Nations has not made any comment as regards the gross human rights violations that have been meted against the Biafrans but they have quickly responded to the threat of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) without even been alerted or consulted, an act that shows the hypocritical nature of the UN in keeping up with their charter on human rights violation.

Why should the UN be quick to respond to the threat of the northern youths against the Igbo residents in their area but has failed to respond to the quest for freedom by the Biafrans even after being properly informed with videos, pictures cum facts and figures? Does it mean that threat is now the best way to call the attention of the UN or is it that there is a special international gang up against the freedom of the Biafrans? Only time will reveal.

What is it in the unity of Nigeria that the international communities are interested in keeping together with the blood of Biafrans being used as a renovating cement to sustain its foundation?

The UN should give reasons why it has kept mute to the reports of Biafrans amidst several human right violations but is extra timely to respond to the northern youths in their threat against Biafrans. This act by the UN totally shows that there is conspiracy somewhere against the Biafrans and as it stands, the UN must do the needful now by sending its delegates to Nigeria to mark the territories of Biafra for her onward freedom from Nigeria before 31st of September 2017 if the world wouldn't want to be infected by the unseen which will soon take place after the expiration of the northern youths threat.

United Nations' call for different ethnic tribes and nationalities that made up the Federation of Nigeria to tolerate each other is like telling the "cat to hold fish" for you. It's like trying to mix oil and water together.

If the world powers wouldn't want to feel the wrath of God in the looming war that is seemingly becoming imminent in Nigeria, they should speak up on the modalities to trade on in a peaceful separation of the nations in Nigeria, having seen that the UN is bent on supporting the atrocities of the Nigerian government through Hausa-Fulani and their military against the Biafrans in their own land and outside their land.

To Biafrans In The North

It is said that what the elders see while sitting, the younger ones will never see even when standing.

Therefore, it is to the interest of all the Easterners living in the 19 states of the north and beyond to know that before the youths of Arewa made that threat, they had perfected their plans on how to unleash mayhem on you all because this was exactly what happened before the outbreak of the civil war and also in the 2011 post-election riot, because it is said that a stitch in time saves nine. Just as an Igbo adage says that "agha akara aka anaghi eri nwa ngwuro", meaning that an announced war does not conquer the cripple.

Therefore, it is to your best interest you make hay while the sun shines than crying 'had I known' at the dark hours.

Wading in of the UN in the threat of the northern youths in a very timely manner shows that Ndi-Igbo is really the Trigger of the world knowing that Ndi-Igbo is everywhere in the world and the major creator of business grounds in the whole world and anything that should affect them, definitely will affect every country that they reside in.

Therefore, it is to the interest of the world leaders to avert the upcoming tragedy that is about to engulf the most populous black nation in the world, by treading the path of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in condemning the genocide committed against Biafrans and forthwith separate the oil from the water so that there would be a lasting peace in the world.

Authored by  Onoja Christian
Edited by O.E. Williams
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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