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Biafra: Nigerian Governors, Osinbajo And Drums Of Second Civil War

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo meeting with Nigerian Governors

We woke up this morning being 22nd June, 2017 to be greeted with unhealthy, unholy and unapproved resolutions of Nigerian governors.

Governors of thirty-six states of federation had an emergency meeting yesterday being 21st June, 2017 with Coordinator of National Affairs, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at Aso Rock Banquet Hall inside Presidential Villa where they (the governors) decided to keep a failed state, Nigeria to remain one indivisible country.

Osinbajo advised the governors to apply full force to make sure that Nigeria doesn't divide. He was quoted to have said, “We agreed that leaders, at all levels, must speak out forcefully against any kind of divisiveness or divisive speech. And we expect that our political leaders will do so without waiting to be prompted".

Osinbajo is trampling on people's right to freedom of speech. People have the rights to be heard no matter how their messages will sound. There's no magic on earth that can combine message of the people and that of the elites to be the same. These are two distinctive messages moving in parallel lines. To the elites; it's divisive speech while to the people, it's a message of hope.

In a civilized world, before any Governor will take a decision that has to do with the collective interest of the people, that Governor must call for a town hall meeting or conduct an opinion poll where him (the Governor) must hear from the people he's going to represent their interest.

It is with total regret that Osinbajo is wasting his time and the limited resources at Nigeria's disposal. The little resources he should've used to better the lives of wasting and wandering youths who cannot afford a meal in a day, youths who have long given up on the government to roam the streets walking corpses.

Osinbajo has embarked on the path to failure, path to war, path to pain and path to total destruction. He (Osinbajo) should've known by now that elites era is over. Days are gone when governors and self-acclaimed elders would gather like vultures to feast on the people's flesh.

They (Osinbajo, governors and other elites) have used ‘war’ as a blackmailing tool, they continued threatening us with war whenever we asked for our God-given rights. They're telling us to get prepared for war as the only way of peaceful separation. How can ‘war’ be associated with peaceful separation? Does war sound like referendum? They've remained stubborn to our rights and have forgotten that stubborn flies will not fail to follow a corpse to the grave.

The painful part of this war mongering by warmongers is; the more we are being threatened with war, the more we get prepared for the worst which will finally lead to social unrest.

I want to make a very clear voice of wisdom to all the government officials: President, Governors, legislators, elites and even the judiciary to know that in the outbreak of war, none of them will escape the shore of Biafran or Nigerian territory cum waterways.

The youths who pleaded with the United Nations and Nigerian Presidency to conduct a free and fair referendum for Biafra people will not allow any elite to escape overseas. These youths will share their meats like hungry lions.

I'm optimistic that the level of anger being experienced now isn't what a governor can wake up from sleep and decide to kid with the future of the youths.

Both Biafran and Arewa youths have brought a solution to the lingering suffering that has visited Nigeria since the date of its inception in 1914.

The solution to Nigeria's problems to my best of knowledge and awareness is ‘disintegration’. The disintegrated bodies will automatically fall back to their original geographical evolutions where God wanted us to be and not where Scottish mafia, Lugard wanted us to be.

Which kind of force are they (Governors) going to apply again? They've used military to kill peaceful IPOB protesters and it didn't solve the issue so are they going to use nuclear weapons to wipe us out?

It is on public domain that Nigerian military is very helpless now as they're facing their human rights abuses and violations charges at a district court in United States of America. They're scampering for safety but their sins must hook up with them in no distant time. There's always a payback time for every action or inaction.

Nigeria has found herself in a deep mess, she's helpless and no one can help her because she's a wicked lady who never wanted peace, hence happiness shall elude her.

We should also know that this is a case of hand of Esau and voice of Jacob. British government is behind all the opinions of the Governors, Osinbajo and the elites. The British consulate, Mr. Paul A. embarked on bribery visitation with governors and elites sometimes ago and his inducements are manifesting ever before us.

One thing we must take hold-of is; the unity of Nigeria depends on the people and not the elites. Arewa youths want to be free and Biafrans want to restore her precious jewel, Biafra Republic. We can collectively send these elites to abyss and if they insist on toying with our future, we may have no other option than forcing them to embark on the journey of no return.

Osinbajo and his governors’ gang should learn to separate referendum from war, the former is peaceful means of agreeing or disagreeing to an opinion with power of vote while the latter is violence.

The world has gone beyond using war to settle issues but if they(the elites) choose to make peaceful revolution impossible then violent revolution will be inevitable.

We all have prayed for a better future but elites swore with their lives never to see us progress and have fresh breath. We won't fail to activate natural law of resistance, we'll resist these governors with the last drop of our blood.

My happiness is international communities have been alerted, Arewa and Ohaneze youths have sent a letter to the United Nation for a peaceful referendum which will ensure a peaceful Nigeria if she wins and also a peaceful Biafra if the reverse is the case.

Nigerian and Biafran people need to brace-up for a rough ride ahead, there'll be too many gallops. The government's imposed governors have gone to Abuja to sing “God bless the queen” which we appreciated and we the people are also singing “God Bless Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa Republics”.

May Chukwu Okike (God the creator) give us the fortitude to bear what tomorrow may bring, and hopefully “good”. Times are different and desperate times require desperate measures.

Written by Chinedu Solomon

Edited by O. E Williams

For IPOB writers


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