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Arab League Sternly Warns Nigeria To Give Referendum To Biafra

As Nigeria government has continued to beat the drums of war against the people of Biafra in the past few months due to the peaceful demand of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great), Family Writers Press is authoritatively informing the Nigeria people and the world at large, that the Arab League of nations have warned Nigeria as a member state of Arab countries that should Nigeria government provoke a war in West Africa, they are on their own.

According to a senior civil servant in the presidency who granted an interview to Family Writers Chief Media Analyst, Mazi Onyebuchi Eze, but pleaded anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation, made it clear during the interview that the Arab countries have warned Nigeria government to allow Biafra to secede from Nigeria in peace through the instrumentality of referendum as currently demanded by Biafrans.

According to the interview and a follow-up investigation for accuracy in the revelation of the senior staff of the presidency, the Arab countries who were represented at the meeting held in Saudi Arabia included Saudi Arabia (host), United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Egypt and many other countries. They rose up in the secret meeting and advised Nigeria government to organise a referendum for Biafra without further delay to avoid provoking war in Nigeria judging by the utterances and heated atmosphere in Nigeria resulting from the agitation for Biafra secession.

According to the revelation, the Nigeria government was seriously warned by the Arab countries to emulate Turkish government which successfully completed a referendum recently which has brought a lasting peace and stability in Turkey by organising a referendum for Biafra.

The senior staff of the presidency told Family Writers Press verbatim that the delegates who represented Nigeria government in the Saudi Arabia secret meeting brought the report to Federal Government of Nigeria and that development was reason behind running around from pillar to post and the renewed propaganda from Nigeria government against Biafra agitation as the resolution did not go down well with Nigeria government. He told Family Writers Press that it was immediately after the resolution of the Arab countries that Nigeria government should organise a referendum for Biafra, that many countries like Turkey and Morocco openly declared support for Biafra referendum but were all disappointed that Nigeria government is still yet to announce a date for the referendum.

In my own personal findings from the follow-up enquiries and the investigations which I have been conducting since 3 weeks, it was due to the present disobedience of Nigeria government to the resolution of the Arab Countries that made most of them to back the application of Morocco to become a member state of ECOWAS in order to protect and control and interest of the Arab League in West Africa Sub-region as Nigeria government is already collapsing and creating room for Ghana to assume leadership of ECOWAS in the area of funding.

 As it is at the moment, ECOWAS has accepted the application of Morocco to join ECOWAS. Still, in my findings, it is only Pakistan that is still standing solidly behind the Nigeria government and assuring them of every necessary assistance should any eventuality take place in Nigeria as a result of the agitation of Biafra. As it is at the moment, the Nigeria government is sending thousands of soldiers to Pakistan for special training in order to suppress the agitation when they complete the training of their soldiers and become battle ready.

In my secret finding mission, I interviewed a young military officer of Tiv extraction whose name is Joseph (surname withheld) due to security reason who was among the Army officers batch who just passed out from Pakistan awaiting the time for the showdown with Biafra agitators.

Whatever the preparation for war with Biafrans over Biafra agitation by Nigeria government is like at the moment, it is not the business of Biafrans because they are not campaigning for war against Nigeria government but only demanding for Biafra restoration through the instrumentality of peaceful referendum. However, it is important for the citizens of the remaining parts of Nigeria to know that Nigeria government is dragging the helpless masses of Nigeria to a situation of war with no reasonable support from other nations of the world except only the terrorists infested Pakistan. Moreover,  Britain is no more a trustworthy partner to Nigeria when it comes to war because of her world stance on human rights. Though they could try to covertly use backdoor support for Nigeria because of their economic interest, but we are on high alert.

Oh Nigeria citizens, now that Arab nations friends of Nigeria have collectively told Nigeria government without mincing words that Nigeria government is on its own should it provoke war against Biafra, is it not time for Nigeria youths especially Arewa and Oduduwa youths to stop issuing ultimatum and eviction threats on Biafrans but begin a serious gale of protest and tell Nigeria government that instead of war, Biafrans should be allowed to go in peace. It has become obvious that the world including the Arab countries have become tired of injustice against Biafrans and thereby are no more in support of what the Nigeria government is doing against Biafra. It is still worthy of note that Biafrans are not calling for war against Nigeria government but are only saying that no force under heaven can stop the restoration of Biafra.

Therefore, if the Nigeria government fails to heed the advice of Arab League of Nations and go ahead to provoke a war against Biafra who only asks for a referendum to decide their political future, then the international community will be witness of Arab countries when they advised Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafra without any violence and Nigeria government refused to heed the warning. All that the Biafrans are asking for is self-determination. For the Nigeria government, a word is enough for the wise!

By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers


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  1. I suggest Nigeria should learn from this and give the Biafrans the well demanded referendum, as it is their right, a.
    It is believed that peaceful resolutions of matters remain the best way to avoid conflict. Peace supercedes war. As war is not the friend of anybody.


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