Wednesday, May 24, 2017. 00:25 GMT

The Labour Party has revealed that contrary to the popular belief that some girls of Government Secondary School, in Chibok town, Borno State were kidnapped, this is a complete APC oriented conspiracy plan to wrestle power out from GEJ.

The party strongly maintained that it was a ploy to oust former President Goodluck Jonathan from office.
This plan was hatched directly by Buhari in which he paid for these girls to be selected and trained for this great mission.

The party said the wrath of God would be visited on the All Progressives Congress (APC) for manipulating Nigerians about their abduction.

In a statement, national chairman of the LP, Abdulkadir Abdulsalami, said the APC should expect the wrath of God for deceiving Nigerians and manipulating the parents of the Chibok girls.

The national chairman said the government should not claim credit "for what they have packaged, pre-arranged and now executing".

He said the government has worsened the suffering of Nigerians and if President Muhammadu Buhari does not leave office, nothing good should be expected from his administration.

"The government should expect the wrath of God for deceiving Nigerians and manipulating the parents of the Chibok girls. The release of the Chibok girls is a fluke and an ordinary abracadabra. If by this time, they claimed to have captured Sambisa forest, from which they say they have brought these girls, which other forest are the remaining girls being held?" Abdulsalami said.

"I think Nigerians need to be told the truth by our leaders if they want sympathy from Almighty God, what happened to the Chibok girls. By the time we get to May 29 next year (2018), they will now release all the remaining girls to say they have fought the war, they have won the war. But all are farce"

"But the fact of the matter, as I have been saying before, during and after the campaign for the 2015 general elections, is that these Chibok girls were not kidnapped by any Boko Haram. They were prepared and arranged to destroy the image and administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

"The present government has worsened the suffering of Nigerians. We have suffered enough, and if Buhari doesn't leave office, Nigerians should expect worse repercussions from the government."

Abdulsalami said that if the APC lacks the capacity to lead, the party should step aside and let a responsible government take over.
"And if they don't have the capacity, let them get away from government. The APC should step aside and let a responsible government take over the administration of Nigeria. You can't talk about the government without bringing in APC. Buhari came on the platform of change, using deceit in all its programmes," he said.



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