Tuesday, May 2, 2017. 15:19 GMT.
The Corrupt And Tribal Ethics Behind DSS Recruitment

In DSS recruitment list, the whole of South East region got 44 slots while Katsina State got 51 slots. It all started during the first republic.

The Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy would ensure that their children populate all the security formations so that 25 years later, they would be controlling the major departments in the service because of their numerical strength that would surely aid their hierarchy and rank.

They are in charge everywhere. The Army, the Police, Air force, Navy, Immigration, EFCC, FRSC, Civil Defense, Customs, etc.

90% of the operatives of EFCC are from the North. The Hausas ceded only the communications (propaganda) department of the commission to the south manage while they take over the rest.

Take for instance, today, 29 out of the 36 states directors of DSS are from the North. It is a strategic mission. In 25 to 30 years time, those being recruited today will be in charge of the major departments in DSS. The North already have the upper hand till 2047.

They also hijacked the Judiciary. The last time a Southerner occupied the post of CJN until 2017 was  1986

The core NORTH do not believe in ONE NIGERIA that they are blackmailing the SOUTH with. They have used the uniformity in their language and religion to take over the most important and useful sectors in Nigeria.

The oil belongs to Niger/Delta but 87% of oil blocks in Nigeria belong to Northerners. The 36 states of Nigeria were created by the Northerners. The FCT is in the land of the Northerners.

Aside security, executive and oil and gas, northerners have the majority in National Assembly. They have pocketed the NPA and the Customs. All the major Deputy and Assistant Directors in Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) are core northerners.

I want to say expressly that the Hausa/Fulani people speak with one voice when it comes to power, authority and influence over our patrimony and resources control.

The Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy made Obasanjo the president of Nigeria hence he constructed more roads in Kano and Bauchi States than the whole Southern Nigeria. Providence made Jonathan president. They have the population which they deployed against Jonathan in 2015 election.

When Buhari finish 4 years and he chose to step aside, another northerner will take over who will 8 years or 12 years. Northerners will also never allow the South to choose for them after 12 years. They will pick a southerner like Obasanjo who can protect their interest.

Presently, Southerners have been enslaved politically by Northerners. Southern leaders took some pretentious northern leaders masquerading as patriotic Nigerians serious.

What just happened in DSS has happened in the Army, Immigration, Air Force, CBN, FIRS, Customs, Civil Defense, NNPC etc and it shall continue to happen till 2027 unless God intervene.

It is time for the Yorubas, Urhobos, Benins, Ijaws and the Igbo people of the south to start living together in peace and harmony, politically. The whole of north only have one governors’ forum but the small south has 3 governors’ forums. No cooperation.

No one from the south is fit to head the EFCC. The young people of the south especially the south-west have used the media to rubbish the integrity of all their political, religion, traditional and economic leaders. The southerners are going to school, fine. We love integrity, fine. But those we call ILLITERATES are controlling everything, including the education sector.




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