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NIGERIA; A Country in Recession and A Ghost President

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By Charles Ogbu

Let me start by categorically asserting that the Buhari's presidency ended months ago. What we are currently experiencing is a Deja Vu of the Yaradua situation. Sadly, there is no Dora Akunyili to save Nigeria in the real sense of the word. Even sadder is the fact that the bunch of soulless hypocrites like Pastor Tunde Bakare, Father Ejike Mbaka, Femi Falana, etc. who pretended to save Nigeria years ago have all gone deaf, dumb and blind now that Nigeria is in dire need of saving.

First, Buhari got back from extended medical tourism abroad where he spent 50 days, yet, he wasn't strong enough to address his employers who paid all his medical bill and took care of all his other needs. He has not been seen in public since then.

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Secondly, one of his most trusted allies, Lawal Bachir a.k.a Mr grasscutter 'codedly' admitted that he (Buhari) was no longer in charge when he condescendingly asked journalists, "Who Is The Presidency?" in response to queries about his suspension. That question implies a whole lot.

Just a few days ago, our "misinformation" minister, Alhaji Liar Muhammad told us how the ailing president planned on working from home even when Buhari's Aso rock residence and an office is nothing more than a 5-minute walk. If a man cannot afford to walk for just 5 minutes or even drive to his office, how does such a man plan on ruling over 180million people?

He has missed the weekly FEC [Federal Executive Council] meeting for the third consecutive time. Even the mosque they told us he always attend, he wasn't strong enough to attend last Friday prayer. Now, just yesterday, Sahara Reporters reported that the president is so ill that he can no longer eat or drink fluids on his own. He is now being fed intravenously.

A man who is not even in a position to put food in his own mouth is the same man still masquerading as the 'author and finisher' of the fate of over 180million people!!!

Ponder on this for a second.

Make no mistake, it is an insult to our collective intelligence and an indictment on our resolve as a people that we are being ruled by a president who it has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt, is not healthy enough to even take decisions about even himself. President Muhammadu Buhari is not just sick; he is gravely ill.

To you that is reading this, you know this, I know this, we all know this. Why then are we too afraid to demand that he be impeached based on health ground since it's beyond obvious that he's no longer sound enough to write a resignation letter even if he would have wanted to? Is the life of one man now more important than the lives of over 180 million people? What will it take for Nigerians to march to NASS and occupy both chambers until power is retrieved from the Cabal and returned to the rightful owners, the Nigerian people, by impeaching this ghost president??

The Latin American country called Cuba is not a democratic society. Yet, when the late Fidel Castro sensed his health could no longer let him proceed with the matters of state, he handed over power to another man.

We've traveled this route before with the good man, late Umaru Musa Yar'adua who we were told could rule from anywhere. And indeed, he did rule from his sick bed and his death bed, even! Or so it seemed.

While Yar'adua was on life support, a group of political terrorists (the so-called Cabal) led by the then Attorney general, Michael Aondoakka forged his signature and convinced the then NASS to pass a supplementary budget which they shared amongst themselves. It is on record that apart from daylight free-for-all-looting of our resources, so many terrible evils were visited on the Nigerian people by the Cabal using the name of President Yar'adua.

Coincidentally, both President Buhari and the late president Yar'adua share Katsina state as their state of origin. Ironically, Buhari it was, who called on National Assembly to impeach Yar'adua since he failed to resign to take care of his health.

Nigeria's Ghost President Muhammadu Buhari

Now, Buhari is the one being held hostage by severe ailment while conscienceless men who have executed a civilian coup against the Nigerian people are ruining our collective destiny using Buhari's name. As it was in the days of Yar'adua, so it is today with Buhari.

As I write this, unimaginable evil is currently being visited on the Nigerian people by Buhari's own Cabal. And make no mistake about it, they are men of enormous means. They are Northerners. They arMuslimsms. They are mostly fulanis. They are ruthless. They are darkhearted. They have one objective and that is to keep political power in the North no matter the cost. There is no limit to how far these soulless men are willing to go to achieve this evil desire.

For this, even Buhari is expendable. As far as these men are concerned, what happened in Yar'adua situation where Jonathan replaced him and later went on to contest and win election as president, thereby taking power away from the North was a
terrible mistake, one they've sworn never to allow a repeat of.

Surely, you don't need a certain Charles Ogbu to be the one to tell you that all these hide and seek they are playing with Buhari's health is primarily aimed at ensuring that power doesn't come back to the South through Osinbajo. Even if they have to keep Buhari on life support till Queen Daenerys occupies the Iron Throne of Westeros, they will, as long as the power doesn't leave the North. The average Fulani man loves political power above even his life. And they DON'T share power with anyone.

But I've got bad news for these devilish men: The will of the people always prevails. The people will always win. Abacha failed. Yar'adua Cabal failed. Certainly, Buhari's own Cabal will be convincingly defeated and humiliated. In the unlikely event that Nigerians can't defeat this dark forces, mother nature is always there to square things up.

Aso rock is not a retirement home. It is not a health centre either. Nigeria is sick right about now. She certainly doesn't need a President who is even 'sicker' than she is neither does she need some bunch of treasonous men acquiring and wielding power through illicit means and using same for evil end in the name of the gravely ill president.

For all the civil society groups, Labour Unions, Human rights activists, Artists, Reverend Fathers, Pastors and Imams as well as other Nigerians who trouped out to the streets of Ojota, Kano etc and were almost all over the whole radio and T.V stations regaling us with tales of how Nigeria under Jonathan needed to be saved but have all gone quite now that Buhari and his gang have not only killed the same Nigeria but have equally refused to even release the carcass to us for decent burial, Shame On All of You!!!!!

Your pigeons no longer fly. A bunch of soulless hypocrites!!

Buhari and his gang shall definitely pass but your treachery, mindless hypocrisy and criminal silence will live after you. History will remember you all for deliberately loosing your tongue when its services were desperately needed.

Buhari presidency has exposed you lots for the religious criminals and intellectually fraudulent White Walkers you all are.

No man, no matter how powerful can make a private bargain with history.



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