Tuesday, May 16, 2017. 17:00GMT
Mosques In Abuja Are Exempted From Paying Electricity Bills While Churches Are Paying Inflated Bills

Barely four years after the nation’s power sector was privatised, Churches under the Suleja Local Area, in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, are still groaning under the weight of ‘crazy bills’ and poor power supply from the electricity distribution firms, while Mosques are not meant to pay any electricity bills.

“They give us outrageous bills without recourse to the meters. Whether the meters are functional or not, they don’t want to know. At the end of the month, they give us estimated bills, based on the information from the Field Officers, while the Mosques don’t pay a kobo for electricity bills”, a Pastor confided in Post-Nigeria, on Tuesday morning.

When Post-Nigeria contacted the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company that covers the FCT, Niger, Kogi, and Nassarawa, through the GSM numbers, 08150181818, 08150191919, they refused to provide answers as to why Mosques are not billed every month, while Churches are made to pay ‘crazy bills’.
Speaking with An Assistant AEDC Assistant Manager, based in Suleja, who pleaded anonymity, he said that the instruction is from above.

”The Mosques in this city don’t pay bills. It is an instruction from above. No staff here can challenge that, except you want to lose your job.

“But it is unfortunate that they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Churches are made to pay electricity bills through their noses.”

It is highly absurd that the Christian / Muslim population ratio in Nigeria is 60 / 40. While the Muslims are boldly propagating their Islamic agenda, the Christian population is chickening out of fear. They are only ferocious in their pursuit of material things while clearly neglecting their Christian ideology to the advantage of the Muslims.

Recall, that last year, residents of Suleja Community stormed the AEDC office, located in Kwamba, protesting the lack of power supply in their area, and incessant crazy bills from officials of the energy provider.

The protesters numbering about 100, had carried placards with different inscriptions including: “No light, No bill.”

The protesters chanted as they marched on the road. They complained about the lack of electricity in Suleja and its surrounding areas and condemned the rise in electricity tariff.

They said it was sheer madness for the AEDC officials to keep bringing bills despite the very poor services the provide.



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