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May 30th: IPOB to forge ahead with "sit-at-home" heroes day despite warning from FG

Young Biafran youths prepare for May 30th

The “Stay at Home” order given by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for May 30, this year, has been explained as a referendum for Biafra independence. This was made known to Biafra Choice Writers on Friday, May 12, by an IPOB leader in Anambra State, Odinakachukwu Ogenna.

The Biafran leader who refused to make his designation known said the “Stay at Home” order would be first in series of activities the group would be using as Referendum; and to showcase to the world that Biafrans no longer want to be part of Nigeria. He said the activities would be in the form of civil disobedience, which would leave the world in no doubt that Biafrans desire to exit the “evil contraption” called Nigeria.
May 30 every year has come to be a date when Biafrans all over the world celebrate their heroes.

It is called “Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day”. It is a day when Biafrans step out in style to celebrate their heroes who died as a result of being part of Nigeria. Some had died in the Biafra war of freedom with Nigeria (which Biafra lost) from 1967 – 1970; some others died in the hands of Northern Nigerian marauders like Fulani herdsmen; yet some died in the hands of Nigerian murderous soldiers and Police; while scores of others have died in many other sundry ways.

However, each time they have stepped out in Biafraland (their own land) to celebrate, Nigerian soldiers and Police have descended on them with lethal force, and so far more than 2000 of them have been brutally murdered since 2013.
But this year, the celebration in Biafraland is going to take a new dimension as the people have been instructed to stay at home to celebrate their dead.

It is an instruction which Ogenna explained would be first of many civil disobedience activities the Biafrans would be embarking on in the coming months, according to him; it would be used as Biafra’s first referendum to express the people’s willingness about exiting from Nigeria.
He also said that pictures and videos would be taken of important places on a normal day, then on the day of the "stay at home", pictures would be taken of same places, so as to show the world the difference.

Asked if he was sure the Biafrans would obey the instruction as given, he boasted that his people will stun the world on that day. “Biafrans are Biafrans, they know who they are; and they know what they want. Watch out that day, Biafrans will stun the whole world, markets will close, banks will close, schools will close, and the streets will be empty. We are Biafrans; and we are tired of this zoo (Nigeria)” he said.



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