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IPOB: Distinction Between The Fakes And The True 'Snow-White' Biafrans
Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and lovers of freedom, it's my pleasure to enlighten our people, the lovers of freedom, the well-wishers and the world in general the need to differentiate between chaffs and substance in this noble task of Biafra restoration project. As many may risk falling to the trap of our enemies and ignorantly turn against this divine project in the name that they are still fighting to restore Biafra or that they are still on course for this divine project.

It's no more news that there are tens and hundreds of groups that have sprung up even more that are still gearing to spring up with the tag of Biafra or even 'IPOBs'; many with genuine mission to restore Biafra while many others are for fame, monetary, selfish and political interest in that 'zoo' called a country. While some are even Apc agents sent by the failing government led by a terrorist sympathiser - Mohammed Buhari to divide and destabilise this God's ordained project.

The truth is that IPOB means; Indigenous People of Biafra. And indigenous people of Biafra are everybody or anyone who is an indigene of old South Eastern part of this British contraption called Nigeria which includes this present day YORUBA ESTABLISHED SOUTH SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST AND PART OF MIDDLE BELT OF NIGERIA whether you are home or in the diaspora. And 99.9% of every indigenous person in that part of the world knows that his nation is Biafra and want Biafra restored today or tomorrow despite having lost millions of souls on this cause and are still losing. Every indigenous person is still in one way or the other wishes himself Biafra whether rich or poor; even the most coward human being in Biafra still wish himself Biafra but fears to face the task in restoring Biafra.

Such person may choose to be singing the song of slavery called one Nigeria and tell you that he or she is a Biafran of the mind. Our enemies having lost idea on how to break our determined resolve on restoring Biafra, have chosen a new tactic as their main divide and rule tactic have already been exposed, they now resort to be tagging almost if not all their evil agenda 'ipobs' or Biafra this and Biafra that; singing the same song of Biafra freedom as freedom fighters and claiming that their group is all knowing and sure way to freedom of our people as they have best approach to it. While in the real sense they know within themselves that they are lying to themselves, but because of their ego or selfish interest they will keep on deceiving our people knowing fully that our people having been possessed by Biafra spirit and want Biafra restored by all means possible, will listen to them once you mention Biafra in any of your program.

The ignorant ones that do not have any idea of what freedom fighting is all about will easily buy into it. They are succeeding in driving away many of these innocent freedom hungry biafrans out of this God's ordained project of Biafra restoration led by the anointed man of God; Prince and Prophet Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans are historically descendants of Israel and it's on record that Israelis are being known or regarded as people of God. Therefore Biafra as a nation is God's own nation and only God will always anoint a leader who will lead His people.

Anyone who is a student of Bible should know that whenever you read the history of Israel, in each occasion God always anoints a leader to lead his people in that particular occasion or adversary. So leading the people of God always requires a call from God direct and not a self-wish, or by your high degree of  academic qualifications. Before leading the people of God you must need spiritual interaction with God for instruction as God is spirit; and when you are not being called to lead the people of God, You can not have this spiritual quality and by not receiving any instruction from God, all you will do is to apply human knowledge on your quest and by doing so you are bound to fail.

Take time to read about Moses, Joshua & Caleb and see the roles they played in bringing the children of Israel out from the land of Egypt even when their is no human rights; no Amnesty International, United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, European Parliament; but all these were done successfully through the command and instruction of God. Examples of such people whom God used to bring salvation upon the people of Israel are abound; they include Samson, Gideon, Jeremiah and so on.

These leaders led their people on different occasion and for different purposes but all centering or pointing on freedom of Israelis. Yashua who the Europeans called Jesus is also another example of a leader who was ordained but this time, for freedom from sin for the whole world. So in this context, this Biafra restoration project, Nnamdi Kanu has made it clear that he was called by the same Chukwu Okike (God of creation) of our fathers; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Gad, Eri, and Arodi, to come and lead the Biafran people in this restoration project and have vowed to remain obedient to God who called him by saying the truth at all time and remaining honest and being whiter than snow.

He has already proven himself an honest man to all Biafrans and has successfully united the whole Biafrans under one umbrella known as IPOB as a global family for all Biafrans. With his mouth, he was able to sink this contraption called the zoological republic of Nigeria with just simple truth, while he remains resolute and fighting tooth and nail to see that this holy blessed nation called Biafra is restored. Under his leadership of IPOB worldwide he was able to expose the zoological republic to exactly what it is to the whole world via RBL/BTV with his gospel.

Now the whole world is discussing Biafra including our arch enemies. Buttressing on the success recorded so far is the pronouncement of IPOB as a legal organisation by our enemies' court. Though unbelievably coming from their court, but it's a reality and a confirmation that Chukwuokike is involved in this project. The recent release of our leader is also a milestone victory to this noble cause. People may ask; what is the big deal there?
Yes the big deal is he was released without compromising Biafra struggle.

Many has gone there without hurting the enemies with the truth as our leader did, but they ended up compromising the freedom of our people, enriching themselves with the blood of innocent and freedom-hungry Biafrans. Benjamin Natanyahu - the Israeli Prime Minister recently recognised Biafran genocide of 1967-70; first time such statement came from a world leader. European Parliament is discussing Biafra. The Turkish government officially have recognised Biafra and pledges support.

Biafrans home and in diaspora are calling for a referendum for Biafra exit. There are many international governments and non-governmental supporters and sympathisers for Biafra restoration which for obvious reasons will not be mentioned here for now. All these are successes of IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu through his command and control ideology via RBL/BTV presently being anchored by his humble Deputy leader Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor. With these successes recorded by this ever resolute anointed leader, it's the duty and responsibility of all Biafrans to maintain this momentum already gathered worldwide through the command of this God's anointed leader Nnamdi Kanu as it's very clear he is the only man with the mantle to restore this holy land Biafra .
We can do this by believing on him and him alone in totality, listen to his command and carry it at all time; believing that his command no matter how convoluted it may look like, it's how God directs him because he is of the Chukwu Okike Abiama. Any instruction taken by Biafrans outside the chain of command no matter how good it seems to appear will be construed as you are directly disobeying God's purpose and thus you are clearly out of the struggle. Read 2ND CHRONICLE 20:20, AND IT READS; And they rose early in the morning and went forth into the wildness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and Ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the lord your God so shall ye be established; believe his prophet so shall ye prosper.

Therefore I Call on all Biafrans to put this to action by first recognising our leader and believing on him as the only prophet that has being ordained to restore this Kingdom of God on earth called Biafra. Remember Radio Biafra London and Biafra Television remains the only mouthpiece for IPOB and only IPOB led by our prophet and leader Nnamdi Kanu with his ideology of command and control under one central   command, you ought to follow to this fast approaching Biafra restoration as we are nearing its conclusion through the help and direction of Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty).

Published by Chinwe Korie 


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