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■ May 17, 2017 

The struggle for the Restoration of the state of Biafra has been on since the days of our fathers. And so many people have contributed their quota positively to the best of their ability. On the contrary, some have seized the opportunity to milk the people dry. But the big question is 'what have you, I mean you as a person especially as a true Biafran brought to the table to help quicken the arrival of this much-awaited freedom?' Going down memory lane will reveal the ordeals our forerunners in this struggle has passed through. Starting from the coming of the armed parasites, down to the civil war, our parents from whom we inherited the natural love for freedom and its attendant hate for slavery have had to suffer all forms of human degrading treatments as rape, discrimination, and starvation to mention but a few. The civil war marked the zenith of these organized cruelties.

The world sat and watched Britain and her partners in crime use her puppets to slaughter, and starve even children to death in their millions. In fact from all indication, the intention of the enemies was and I fear is still to exterminate the entire Igbo race. They meant nothing but genocide. Save for the intervention of Eze Chiukwu Okike Abiama, we would have been an extinct race by now. All praise to Him.
An adage of the Igbos' has it that a traveler who has not arrived his destination never grows weary. True to that, Biafrans at different levels have in the past defied every odd to keep Biafra alive. Many of them such as General Nzogwu, Chuba Okadigbo even Bruce Mayrock though not a Biafran paid the supreme price. Not forgetting the innocent kids who died of hunger. Those who were lucky to survive the war like the Ikemba Nnewi lived to suffer rejection and deprivation of their rights.
Of recent many people have been killed and maimed by Nigerian armed forces. Biafrans like you and I were massacred at Nkpo, Igweocha, Asaba and so many other places. Some are presently locked up in so many detention facilities across the suburb of hell as well as in Biafraland. The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra mazi Nnamdi Kanu had to spend well over twelve months in prison and currently can't enjoy his fundamental rights as conditions to his bail entail. Many Others at home and abroad give up sleep to write, edit and publish articles to inform the world of our plights. Others give their hard earned money to make sure that Radio Biafra London is broadcasting.
The fact remains that all those who's lives were cut shot did not suffer such fate because they deserved to. Neither are those given up their comforts in diverse ways even not mentioned above doing so because they detest them. All these efforts aforementioned are being put forward to restore our dignity. To save our posterity from slavery. And at this juncture, my question comes again.

WHAT ROLE HAVE YOU PLAYED IN THE STRUGGLE FOR THE RESTORATION OF BIAFRA? The proverbial lamb says that whenever the dance group comes to perform in his father's compound if he can't dance he will at least be jumping to the tune. As highlighted above, people have been performing the freedom dance from the last generation until now, and there is a jumping you will have to do since you can't dance. You cannot come out to protest for fear of being shot! Fine. You cannot write for want of time or ability! Fine. You cannot contribute money because you don't have! Fine. You cannot speak out in public for Biafra for fear of being arrested and detained! Alright. But you can stay at home, can't you?
The 30th day of May is the Biafra Heroes' day. This day has always been sacred to those who know and value the importance of the contributions of our fallen heroes and heroin.To them, it is a day of remembrance and sober reflection. A day of strength renewal. This time just about a fourth night from now, you must join to show your respect and appreciation to our people young and old who has paid the supreme price in this race. The instruction is simple. It is; STAY AT HOME and cease the opportunity to pray to God for our freedom.

Can anything be easier than this? Is there anyone who can't afford to do this? I doubt.

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