Contrary to the threat of arrests coming from the Nigerian police against any group(s), whether IPOB or MASSOB, staging sensitization rally on the forthcoming 30th May Sit-At-Home Order given by IPOB leadership led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the members of IPOB in Mbaise Province, on Sunday, 28th of May, embarked on sensitization rally in Mbaise and environs to inform members of the public about the Sit-At-Home exercise to be observed on Tuesday, 30th of May, in commemoration of Biafra Independence as declared by Col Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu on 30th May, 1967 and in honour of Biafra's Fallen Heroes and Heroines who lost their lives during the consequential genoical war committed against Biafrans by the synergised efforts of British and Nigerian government.

Recall that IPOB and MASSOB members who embarked on such sensitization rally last week were arrested by the Nigerian police in order to deter others who might want to embark on such rally. But IPOB members in Mbaise have proven to be fearless before their enemies as they have defied the threats and ventured to keep the people of Mbaise abreast of 30th May event.

Sunday was chosen by the IPOB Mbaise Province leadership in order to reach everyone since most people go to church on Sunday and would be coming back in large number.

Hence IPOB members were seen with Biafran flags, banners and handbills preaching the Sit-At-Home exercise to mostly people returning from churches. They went to strategic places and announced the order.

Each of the three LGAs in the Province stormed all the autonomous communities in their territories and they finally converged at Eke Nguru for the final publicity exercise.

IPOB members from Ezinihitte took off from Onitcha through Eziudo to Eziagbogu, Itu, Okpofe, Amumara, Akpodim, Chokoneze, Ife and Okwuato. On their own side, Ahiazu took off from Afor-Ogbe, through St Bridget Catholic Church to all the communities in Ahiara and Ahiara Junction, finally to Eke-Nguru junction.

Also Aboh IPOB members stormed Nkwogwu, Oboama Nguru, Mbutu, Amuzu, Lorji, Ovuru to Eke Nguru.

Speaking to the IPOB writer present who witnessed the rally, the coordinator of IPOB Mbaise Province, Mazi Ezeigwe Uzochukwu, when asked whether people would obey the order, posited, in his own words, "No-one will be seen outside on that day because before embarking on the rally, we sought and  received supports from the traditional rulers in the land".

Meanwhile, in a related rally staged by same IPOB members at Nkwo-Mbaise market on Monday last week, the news of the Sit-At-Home Order was spread like virus on that day. Hence the Nkwo-Mbaise weekly market which attracts entrepreneurs from Aba, Owerri, Umuahia and Mbaise happens to fall on the said Tuesday and therefore, the market day has been postponed to the upper week.

O. E Williams
For IPOB Writers
Published by EJIKE OFOEGBU



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