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30th May 2017 Sit-at-home: A Day To Honour Biafran Heroes And Revisit Our History 

What will make me not to honour Biafran fallen heroes? Business or work?

Almost in all Biafran clans, when a loved one gives up the ghost, the family members, friends and well-wishers gather to bury the dead.

After the burial, they'll organise one month, six months and one-year remembrance and will continue to remember the person every coming year.

During the 1967-70 genocidal war, almost every Biafran family lost an icon. My father lost a brother called Issac, who was then the breadwinner of the family.

Nigeria government in connivance with British government did everything possible to wipe away our history from the surface of the earth. They don't want us to mention the name ‘Biafra’ because of the level of atrocities committed by arch-genocidist, Gen. Yakubu Gowon and PM Harold Wilson of the United Kingdom who supplied weapons and supervised the murder of over 3.5million Biafran children through induced hunger and mass massacre.
Biafra children dying of kwashiorkor (1969) due to the air, land and sea blockade by the Nigeria forces with the help of the British Government. 

Having rediscovered who we really are by the aid of God's prophet, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it's an obligation to each and every one of us to remember our fallen heroes every year.

How can we honour these fallen heroes?

There's no any other way to do it than to observe a sit-at-home order. If we can remember vividly on 30th May 2016 just last year, our brothers and sisters who went to Nkpor to mark the remembrance day were massacred by the Nigerian Armed Forces.

One Igbo adage says, “when a hill starts giving an old woman waist pain, then the old woman will learn how to climb the hill while supporting her waist with hands in akimbo style”.
Nigerian government has learnt how to shoot unarmed people with little or no provocation, and people have learned that sit-at-home carries more weight than street rallies.

Will Nigeria Armed Forces jump into your home to shoot you while you are observing a sit-at-home? The answer is “no” though we cannot dismiss their unrelenting kidnapping of IPOB members in the dead of the night.

While you and your family members pray and honour our fallen heroes, never forget to teach your kids Biafra's history. Tell them about killings of Ndigbo in Northern Nigeria from 1940-1970 and beyond and how Gowon jettisoned Aburi Accord agreement which led to Biafran war.

Tell them how PM Harold Wilson lied to the world of weapon supplies to Nigerian government; how Buhari used the weapons and massacred pregnant women in Owerri and how he (Buhari) and his squad raped teenage girls and kidnapped some of them which gave birth to the likes of Okorocha, Okezie Ikpeazu and Obiano;

Tell them how United Nations (UN) kept mute in the face of genocide and how a young boy, Bruce Mayrock, burnt himself in protest against the world’s silence on Biafra genocide.

Tell them how Awolowo advised Gowon to use hunger as instrument of war and how his (Awolowo’s) economic policy defrauded Biafrans of their hard earned money and handed only £20 to them no matter the amount of money they (Biafrans) had in the bank;

Tell them about the good people of Ireland who helped Biafran dying children during the war;

Tell them about Gen Ankara of Ghana who was the Chairman of Aburi Accord and please do not forget to tell them about Fredrick Lugard of accursed memory who amalgamated incoherent people. People whose chemical reaction is like that of water and oil which cannot bond together.

30th May is a golden opportunity for every Biafran to teach his/her younger ones the importance of freedom and fearlessness. Upcoming generations will fail if we fail to teach them the necessary things they need to know about the murderous Nigerian government.

The only gift we can give to on-coming generations is the free Biafran Republic. That's why everyone both business tycoons, office workers and others must observe sit-at-home whose outcome will boost our struggle. If we don't teach these ‘indomie kids’ who they are, one day, the sons and daughters of the caliphate will invade their territory and finish them all.

If you are a government worker, a day from work won't stop your peanut and no one will query you. I called it peanut because your input doesn't match your pay. The Biafra Republic will make life easier for you and your family no matter the amount of salary received.

If you are a business owner, a day closing of shop won't harm your business rather it will secure a future for you and your family.

The Biafra brave soldiers on a training ground. 

Public transport won't be available on 30th May so we encourage you to sit-at-home and enjoy your family and most importantly do not forget to have a sober reflection, pray for our fallen heroes and tell your children and lovely wife/husband that these heroes died while fighting for them.

I must appreciate the members of media houses who are making 30th May awareness to be in the spotlight.

I salute the courage of IPOB family writers and recognise some Nigerian gutter-media houses who are currently reporting positive and negative news about Biafran people.

30th May is a day of remembering our fallen heroes and revisiting our history. May Chukwu Okike (God the creator) continue to bless Biafrans and friends in the name of Yeshua Hamashia, Iseeee! (Amen).

Written by: Chinedu Solomon



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