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The body of the exiled former Russian lawmaker Denys Voronenkov is seen on the ground minutes after the assassination while his attacker, still alive, is carried away by the medics on March 23 in Kyiv

Authorities identified Pavlo Parshov, 28, as the gunman who killed ex-Russian lawmaker Denys Voronenkov in Kyiv on March 23, Interior Ministry spokesman Artem Shevchenko confirmed to the Kyiv Post.
Voronenkov’s bodyguard and Parshov exchanged gunfire, with the identified assassin dying from his gunshot wounds only a few hours after being shot.
The surveillance video showing the assassination was leaked to the news website (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO):
The video, obtained by RosBusiness Consulting in Ukraine, shows the murder of Denys Voronenkov on March 23 in central Kyiv. (Youtube/RBC)
The bodyguard, provided by the state because Voronenkov was giving testimony in a criminal investigation of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, was also wounded but is recovering.
But details about Parshov’s background remain murky. A Ukrainian citizen, Parshov had been wanted in Ukraine for fraud and money laundering since 2011, according to the Interior Ministry’s database. His last known place of residence was Dnipro, the provincial capital of 1 million people some 470 kilometers southeast of Kyiv.
Russian media reported that Parshov was a former officer of the National Guard of Ukraine. Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko seized upon the rumor and claimed that Parshov was “a Russian agent planted in the National Guard.” According to Gerashchenko, Parshov served for a year, never participated in the fighting in the Donbas and quit in August.
It isn’t clear how Parshov could enlist in the National Guard, a body formed in 2014, while being wanted for crimes since 2011.
Implications for other witnesses?
Voronenkov fled Russia for Ukraine in October following the launching of a criminal investigation against him there. A former supporter of Russia’s war against Ukraine, he switched sides, received Ukrainian citizenship and testified against Yanukovych, who has been charged with high treason.



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