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Poetic Justice: Golden Name on a Golden Plate

Poetic Justice: Golden Name on a Golden Plate

The name appeared
Like a blood
Gushed out
At the shot of a gun
That pierced through
And jammed the air

The heroes
Fought bravely
Died honorable
In the battlefield
In the street and market place
In the churches and farmland
Are all to be mourned
To be remembered
And to be cherished

On this day
The great 30th
The great may
Of recalling
The prize paid
The sacrifices made
The love gave
To restore the land

The only way
To console
To rest in peace
Of the agonizing souls
In pains and anguish
Of the heavy oppression
And suppression
Melted on
Is to take the bull
By the horn
 And fight
With all it takes
To get the Land
The blood flowed for

The task remains
To join hands
To speak in one voice
To work and trust
In one accord
To make proud
Of the falling heroes
And heroes
Waiting eagerly
For the great trumpet
Of victory
To be blowing
Everywhere in the land
Of the rising sun
Biafra, the land
Of the rising sun.

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia
For IPOB writers


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