Friday, April 28, 2017. 13:42 GMT
Nepotism, the main Character of Buhari's Government, is the Highest form of Corruption

Buhari made a very startling bold press statement in 2015 after taking over as the president of Nigeria in 2015.  He directly said that he will not treat people that gave him 5% of their votes the same way he treats those that gave him 97% of votes, meaning that he will never give Nigerians equal treatment. People ignored this statement with their usual gullibility and continued their daily events.  Little did they realise that Buhari meant every word he said.  The biggest problems with Nigerians are ignorance and gullibility.

Events taking place in Nigeria today have shown Buhari to be nepotistic. Is nepotism not corruption? Apart from the fact that there is nothing like the so-called Federal Character in his political appointments, Buhari is a sadist, a full-fledged Fulani religious bigot fully in support of that ancient Fulani conquering mentality.

It is under the leadership of Mohamadu Buhari that the Fulani herdsmen, that have been known to be carrying sticks, openly started carrying sophisticated assault rifles. They attack, kill villagers and destroy their farmlands with impunity. Yet Buhari continues deceiving people that he is fighting  corruption.

The DSS just conducted a recruitment of officers and the officers were commissioned earlier this week.
Out of the 479 cadet officers commissioned, 51 cadet officers are from Katsina State, the home of Buhari and Daura, the head of the DSS.
Kano state has 25 officers commissioned while Adamawa has 18 and Taraba has 16
The north-west (the region of Buhari) has 165 officers commissioned as the entire north has 331 officers.

But on the other hand, Abia State has 7 officers, Akwa Ibom has 5 officers, while Lagos has 7 officers.
The so-called South-south zone has 42 officers while South-east zone has 42.
The number of the officers commissioned by the DSS for only Kano State is more that the entire South-east.
Also, the number of the officers commissioned by the DSS for the entire north is four times more than that of the entire south.
This is 'One Nigeria indeed'!
With all these open marginalisations and nepotism, one is bewildered to be seeing that the South-west is still aligning themselves to the Northerners' nepotistic version of 'one Nigeria'. What is really wrong with our way of thinking?  Why shouldn't we ask this rhetorical question: Are Southerners second class citizens?

This is coming from a govt that is pretending to be fighting corruption.
This is coming under the govt that its principle says that it belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody. This is the highest level of hypocrisy. How long are we going to continue neglecting issues of utmost concern while crying every day about corruption?  Nepotism is one of the highest forms of corruption and it is here staring in our eyes under the government of Buhari.

Any southerner who is still supporting what this govt is doing is
either pretending to be dreaming (and should wake up to the reality) or a gullible myopic hypocrite that is blind to the truth.
It is, therefore, ironical to be searching for the cause of our problems while the problems are nakedly glaring into our eyeballs. Nigerians will continue ignoring the truth to their peril.



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