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Biafra Restoration; There will be no room for saboteurs this time

IPOB activists

Recently, some people have either out of ignorance or stupidity  made hollow and arbitrary statements with regard to BIAFRA restoration and thereby exhibiting their shortsightedness and illogical reasoning.  It is also common nowadays to proclaim such people as saboteurs which of course does not mean a thing to the determined Biafrans because they are in the minority and are bound to fail.  Let the real Biafrans show themselves and be counted, proudly they are doing just that and countering this are individuals who out of selfish or some other reason will work against that.  Therefore, it is nothing new and will always continue to happen.

Reverend Emmanuel Chukwuma of the Anglican Bishop of Enugu yesterday unauthoritatively and with his position as an Anglican Bishop made careless statements by saying that Biafrans do not want to secede from Nigeria and rather want equal rights.  May I therefore ask the Bishop why he is willing to stay in a country where he has no right?  May the Bishop explain why he will continue to be a slave instead of being free?  He has also forgotten that his religious institution is under assault by the Hausa Fulanis and the Buhari genocidist who have vowed to wipe us out.  Can the (honorable?) Bishop give just one reason why he belongs to Nigeria after it has been exposed without any doubt the odds stacked against his race to survive?

Is this Bishop in the vicinity of Enugu and also, was he there when many citizens of Enugu regardless of their status were mercilessly butchered and gunned down like animals by his beloved NIGERIA headed by his beloved President BUHAR?  If he survived the Genocidal War of 1967-1970 where over 3million of his people were wasted because of their tribe of which he belongs, if his memory will serve him right that similar killings took place in the north before and after the major war;  what justification does he have to make such disgusting statement?  Were some of his colleagues not also killed all over the north?

Bishop Chukwuma, you are entitled to your free speech but do not risk and further enslave our children who also witnessed the atrocious war as well as current continual enslavement where they are not supposed to be seen, heard or express themselves in their own fatherland.  Our children have spoken and have taken their future into their hands.  If you are not intelligent or courageous enough to stand with them and fight for the truth and freedom for your children I suggest you get down from the pulpit and join the Hausa Fulanis so that we will no exactly who you are and where you stand.

We resent the misuse of your religious post to confuse and obscure the truth and at this stage of the struggle it is either you are a Biafran or a Nigerian either of which we wish you good luck.

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By IPOB Writers


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