Asari Dokubo (Edi Abali of Kalabari)

I'm from Ijaw (Izon) the heartland of Niger-Delta region in River State BIAFRA LAND. We know that Nigeria MUST divide so that people will control their resources.
Niger-Delta is NOT the oil producing states. The proper meaning of Delta is the starting point of a land where a River took branches and spread to different places before flowing into a Sea or an Ocean.
What gave the name "Niger-delta" is two words; "Niger" meaning the River Niger and "Delta" which means the area of land where a River spread to different places before spreading into an Ocean or Sea. The compound word is "Niger-Delta."
This means that it is only the areas of land where the River-Niger took branches and spread into different places before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean is the area that is called "Niger-Delta" which the states are; Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta only.
Nigeria government in their fraudulent way claimed that Niger-Delta is the Oil producing states which is a pure lie and a deceit. And any body who claimed that he is from Niger-delta whereas there is no branch of River-Niger in his land need to go back to Geography class.
It is the same "Oil that will kill them" that made Yakubu Gowon to create Niger-Delta after the Biafra GENOCIDE of 1967 - 1970, with the help of the O.I.C ( Organisation of Islamic Countries), which is also part of the divide and rule tactics.
This idiosyncrasy have eaten the mindset of our people to think that Niger-Delta is the Oil producing States which they assumed to be; Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Abia, Imo, Anambra, even Lagos and Borno. "Mad people!"
Remember that "Niger-Delta"(On quote) has become the British colonial extension in Nigeria and if we take a step to become Niger-Delta Republic that means we are falling from Frying-Pan into fire like the foolish Grasshoppers. Meaning that Nigeria will be our colonial master with a strong support by Britain, and our people will remain amalgamated with the Muslims in Edo and Ondo States with their Ifa traditional religion, And in future a religious crisis will breakout and our people will be subjugated by the same Islamic group from Ondo with the help of the ISIS, and they will come and Islamise and kill our people because of "the same Oil" and you will call it persecution and be asking "who did this to us?"
Again with the structure of Niger-Delta by the O.I.C, that means Niger-Delta will be a combination of Biafrans in the Riverine areas, Bini kingdom (The Yoruba Cousins) and the Oduduwas in Ondo, i.e people with different value system, cultural differences and Religious sentiments which is the same syndrome that put Nigeria into a mess.


We are Biafrans, the Juju which the Hausa/Fulani did to our people never to speak with one voice has already failed. Biafra will remain a Christian Nation forever and anyone or two persons who was defrauded to become a Muslim in our land whereas his family members are Christians can easily be reconverted. I know that God is with us.

By: Asari Dokubo



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