Nigeria's vice President Yemi Osibanjo

March 04, 2017

Dear Vice President Mr. Osimbajo, you have been notified by all the heads of the various Nigeria's Military branches that their allegiance is with the inept absent president Muhammad Buhari.

The implications of this move should be very alarming and worrisome to all the Yorubas and those dying for non-existent Nigeria.  One more time, the Yorubas should be able to see the handwriting on the wall.  Mr. Osimbajo under no circumstances should have been warned by the Northern army commanders about their allegiance.

They have said and put into action their unwillingness to relinquish power to any other Nigerian regardless of his qualifications and experience.  This is why Nigeria have not progressed from 1960 and up to date.

This allegiance declaration if you pay particular attention means a military coup d'etat.  The military is loyal to Buhari and not to you regardless of your performance and this is why you have not been sworn in as the president.  You will continue to be the Vice President as long as Buhari is alive.

The Parliament dominated by the Northerners are making sure that this condition of crises and uncertainty continues, what other proofs or evidence do the Yorubas need to realise that One Nigeria is a lie.To those hopeless Biafran political jobbers hoping for 2019 Presidency, we told you so, and you are seeing the signs.  Any alignment with the APC or PDP or any other political group is on you and we Biafrans have nothing to do with you.

The second evidence of military rule is the daily military activities thereby overshadowing the day to day operations of the so-called democratically elected politicians.  The DSS  and it's alike are assisting in the implementation of Northern military doctrine.

The declaration by the chief of army staff Lt. General Tukur Buratai that the fictitious name Niger Delta has been secured is another war terminology.  You secured an area where there is no war with army divisions meaning that you are fighting an undeclared war against Biafrans. This is why you shoot our young Biafrans in the streets of Biafraland.  Is public issue not the duty of the police?  Why is it the job of the Nigerian military?

EL Rufai's devilish role in the killings of southern Christians in the North and not just Kaduna alone without any REPRIMAND is glaring bad news for non-Northerners and Christians about their fate in this bloodthirsty and lawless country.  What would have happened if any Yoruba at the same level as El Rufai had committed and openly boasted to committing the same heinous crime?

There is undeniable the fact that Nigeria is a disgrace and disappointment as far as price and pride of a country is concerned.  This is why the Biafrans left, and this is where Mr. Osimbajo should team up, listen to the wise man of the Yoruba Governor Fayose and pull the Oduduwas out without further day dreaming and delay.  The North is the Nigeria, and any other activity to that effect is territorial acquisitions for cattle grazing.


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